How Much Does A Turtle Cost?

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    Pet turtle prices range from $10-$5000. Turtle prices vary greatly depending on the type of turtle. There are semi-aquatic turtles and land turtles. Semi-aquatic turtles tend to cost less than land turtles cost. Some of the most common pet semi-aquatic turtles are the Red-eared Slider, African Helmeted Sideback turtle, Black Knob Map turtle, and the Eastern Painted turtle. The Red-eared Slider costs around $15-$25, the Eastern Painted costs around $15-$20, the Helmeted Sideback costs around $90 and the Black Knob Map turtle costs around $170. The most common land turtles are the Box turtle, Russian tortoise, Spur Thigh tortoise, Sulcata tortoise and the Leopard tortoise. Box turtle prices are around $50, Russian tortoise cost is around $85, Spur Thigh tortoise is around $150, Leopard tortoises cost around $250 and the Sulcata tortoise costs around $65. In addition, turtle prices are affected by the age and size of the turtle. Smaller young turtles usually cost less than large adult turtles cost.

    On top of the cost of buying a turtle, first time turtle owners will need to buy an aquarium and accessories. Initial start up costs for a turtle is $200-$1000. Generally turtles require 10 gallons of tank per 4-inches of turtle. A 20-gallon fish tank is large enough for two 4-inch turtles or one 8-inch turtle. Set up for semi-aquatic turtles costs more than the set up for dry land turtles. Initial semi-aquatic turtle set up costs $300-$1000, while dry land turtle set up costs around $200-$400. The cost of maintaining turtles varies depending on the size of tank and the amount and type of turtles. The cost of maintaining turtles can be as low as $30 a month to as high as $300-$400.

    How Much Do Turtles Cost?

    Average turtle prices vary greatly on the type of turtle. The Red-eared Slider and the Painted turtle are the two most common turtle types found in pet stores. Average Red-eared sliders and Painted turtles are around $20 each. Most of the other moderately common pet semi-aquatic turtles range in price from $50-$200. Average land turtle prices range from $50-$250. One of the most expensive pet turtles is the Mata Mata turtle that costs $5000.

    Average turtle set up costs for semi-aquatic turtles fall around $400-$500. Average turtle set up costs for land turtles fall around $200-$300. The average turtle owner spends about $30-$40 a month maintaining his or her turtles.

    How Much Do Pet Turtles Cost?

    Pet turtle prices vary greatly depending on location, where they are purchased, and the size and type turtle. Pet turtles range in price from $10-$5000; however, most pet stores sell the most common types of pet turtles that range in price from $10-$300. The more expensive rarer turtles usually need to be purchased from a breeder. Pet turtle prices from turtle breeders tend to cost more than pet turtles purchased at a pet store.

    The average turtle owner with two semi-aquatic turtles in a 20-gallon tank spends about $35 a month maintaining them. Monthly maintenance costs includes food, filters, vitamins, electricity and water.

    How Much Do Baby Turtles Cost?

    For most types of turtles, baby turtles cost less than adult turtles. Average baby turtle cost is about half of the average adult turtle cost. A baby Red-eared Slider costs about $10, while an adult Red-eared Slider costs about $25. However, some of the rarer and more expensive species of turtles are the opposite; an adult Mata Mata turtle costs about $5000, while a baby Mata Mata turtle costs about $6000.

    How Much Do Painted Turtles Cost?

    Eastern Painted turtles are some of the most commonly sold semi-aquatic pet turtles in pet stores. Average Painted turtle prices fall between $15 and $25; however, Painted turtle prices can be as low as $10 and as high as $50 depending on location, and the size and age of the turtle. Painted turtle prices can also be affected by whether it is the turtle’s breeding season or not and local regulations.

    Buying A Turtle As A Pet

    Many turtle enthusiasts wonder how to buy a turtle. It is best to buy the turtle tank and accessories first and have it all set up before buying the turtle. The tank and accessories will vary in price depending on the type of turtle that will be added. A tank and accessories for a semi-aquatic turtle cost about $400-$500, while a tank and accessories for a land turtle costs about $200-$300. Pet turtles are usually purchased from a pet store, but can also be bought from breeders and from the classified ads. When possible, it’s best to buy a turtle from somewhere that offers a health guarantee.

    Caring For Turtles

    Having a turtle as a pet is a big responsibility. Part of caring for turtles is ensuring they have a safe and healthy environment to live in. The startup tank and accessories for turtles costs from $200-$1000 depending on the size on tank, and the size and type of turtles. Aquarium turtles need to be fed, and cleaned out regularly. The average monthly cost of having a turtle as a pet is around $30-$40. Average monthly turtle costs include food, filters, electricity from running the filter and lights, and water. The average turtle owner spends about $400 a year maintaining their turtles; however, the annual cost of caring for turtles can be as high as $2000 for a large aquarium or multiple turtles. Turtles have long life spans – they can live anywhere from 20-100 years depending on the type of turtle. Before buying a turtle, prospective owners should be sure they are up to such a long term commitment.

    Where Can I Buy A Turtle?

    Most people buy their turtle from a pet store. However, turtle enthusiasts who want a more rare type of turtle will probably have to go to a breeder. Turtle breeders can be found on the web and will usually ship to out of town customers; customers will have to pay any shipping costs. Turtle prices from breeders tend to be more than prices found at a pet store. However, turtles tend to be healthier from breeders than from pet stores. Pre-loved turtles can occasionally be purchased from the classified ads for a discount price.

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