How Much Do Ferrets Cost?

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    The cost of a ferret ranges from $20-$400, depending on location, the age of the animal and where it is purchased. The average cost of a ferret is around $100. On top of the cost of the animal, a cage and certain supplies will also be required. Prospective ferret owners should expect to pay around $250-$350 for the cage and all the cage accessories. In addition to the onetime cost of the ferret, cage and cage accessories, prospective owners should expect ferret costs to run about $30-$50 a month. Like dogs and cats, ferrets also require vaccinations and should be spayed or neutered; vaccinations for ferrets cost $75-$150, spaying and neutering a ferret costs around $100-$200. Some ferrets require their teeth to be cleaned several times during their life; teeth cleaning for ferrets costs around $100. Some ferrets have a high susceptibility to illness and disease and due to their curious nature tend to get into or eat things they should not; it is highly recommended that ferret owners have an $800-$1000 emergency fund set aside for medical emergencies.  Some areas require ferret owners to license their pets; licenses for ferrets cost $10-$40 depending on location.

    Average Cost Of A Ferret

    Ferret prices range from $20-$400; however, the average cost of a ferret is around $100. Young ferrets tend to cost more than older ferrets. The average cost of purchasing the ferret cage and starter supplies is around $300. The average cost of getting a ferret its first vaccinations, veterinarian check up and spayed and neutered is around $250. The average monthly cost of owning a ferret is $30-$50. The average new ferret owner spends about $400 on the animal, cage and starter supplies, about $250 at the veterinarian and then about $40 a month on food, treats and other supplies.

    Adopt A Ferret

    Many animal shelters and rescues occasionally have ferrets available for adoption. Ferrets from an animal shelter or rescue are cheaper than ferrets at a pet store or a breeder. The average cost of a ferret from an animal shelter or rescue is $75.  Some animal shelters and rescues have cheaper ferret prices for older ferrets and higher ferret prices for younger ferrets; older ferrets cost around $50, while young ferrets cost around $100. Ferrets adopted from animal shelters and rescues usually come with all the vaccinations, are microchipped and are spayed or neutered.  Most of the ferrets available for adoption from an animal shelter or rescue are adults, while most of the ferrets available from a pet store or breeder are babies.

    Ferret Breeders

    Ferrets from a ferret breeder tend to be slightly more expensive than ferrets from a pet store. Ferret prices at a breeder are usually around $100-$400, while ferret prices at a pet store are usually around $75-$150. Breeders often have retired breeding ferrets for sale at a discounted price.

    Ferret Cages

    Ferret cages range in price from $50-$500 depending on the size of the cage and where it is purchased. Extra large, fancy and custom ferret cages are the most expensive, ranging in price from $300-$500. Cheap ferret cages can be purchased second hand or made by hand for $50-$75. The average ferret owner pays $100-$200 for their cage. When purchased from a pet store, many ferret cages come with cage accessories like a water bottle, food dish, starter bag of food and some treats. Often cheap ferret cages bought second hand come with some cage accessories free.

    Ferret Supplies

    Just like any other pet, ferrets require certain supplies to keep them happy and healthy. When considering the cost of a ferret, prospective owners will need to factor in basic supplies like ferret food, a pet carrier, litter box and litter, toys, harness and leash, hammock, ferret nail trimmers and ferret vitamins. In addition, ferrets require a brush, shampoo, water bottle and possibly hairball remedies and other medications.

    Some ferret supplies only need to be bought once or twice during the lifetime of the animal, while other supplies are continual and will have to be bought regularly. Continual ferret supplies are things like ferret food, litter and vitamins. Ferret food costs, $10-$30 a month depending on the quality of food, litter costs around $10 and ferret vitamins cost around $5 a month.

    Ferret supplies that only need to be bought once or twice during the ferret’s life are litter pans, pet carrier, leash and harness, nail trimmers and toys. Litter pans for ferrets cost around $10 each, pet carriers for ferrets range in price from $15-$100 depending on how basic or fancy the carrier is, and nail trimmers for ferrets cost $7-$15. A leash for a ferret costs around $5-$10 and a good ferret harness costs around $10. Ferret toys are available in most pet stores and range in price from $5-$30, depending on the toy.

    Should I Get A Ferret?

    Ferrets are not a pet for everyone, but for some they are the perfect pet. Ferrets are intelligent, friendly, affectionate and fun. They sleep about 15-17 hours a day so they are generally quiet and do not require constant care. Ferrets are far quieter, easier to maintain and less expensive than cats or dogs are, but can be just as fun. Only those who can commit a couple of hours daily to playing with and giving their ferret affection and can financially afford the cost of having a ferret should get one. Ferrets cost around $500 a year for basic food and supplies, plus about $100 annually for a checkup and vaccinations from a veterinarian.

    Owning A Ferret

    Owning a ferret requires a commitment of several hours a day and about $40 a month for food and basic supplies. The average ferret owner spends about $20 a month on food, about $10 a month on litter and about $10 a month on treats and other supplies. In addition, owning a ferret costs about $100 annually for a veterinarian check up and vaccinations.

    How Long Do Ferrets Live?

    The average life span of a ferret is around 8 years; however, some ferrets can live up to 14-15 years. During the average lifetime of a ferret, most ferret owners will spend around $4000-$5000 on them, about $3500-$4000 on food and supplies and about $1000-$1500 on veterinarian costs.

    Where To Buy A Ferret

    Where can I buy a ferret? Ferrets can be purchased from pet stores, breeders, animal shelters and rescues, and from the classified ads in newspaper and online classified sites. Ferrets bought at breeders tend to be the most expensive, while ferret prices at animal shelters, rescues and classified ads tend to be the cheapest. The cost of a ferret from a ferret breeder is $100-$400. The average ferret price from a pet store is $75-$200. Ferret cost from an animal shelter or rescue is around $75, while ferret prices in classified ads can range from $20-$100.

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