How Much Does A Bassinet Cost?

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    Do I Need a Bassinet?

    Do you need a bassinet for your new baby? Are you not sure? Well there are simple things to think about when determining whether or not to buy a bassinet. There are several reasons why you may want a bassinet. Do you want a piece of furniture in the living room that your child can sleep in? Maybe you want your baby close while he or she is sleeping and you are cleaning or visiting with friends. Bassinets are also very helpful if you travel a great deal. Many bassinets actually fold up so you can easily transport them to a hotel room or on a flight. Consider whether you will need a bed that is transportable or a crib that is permanent. Keep in mind that on those long nights you may not want to carry your baby back and forth between your bed and the crib. In this case you can place the bassinet next to your bed and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

    Portable Bassinet Cost

    Portable bassinets are easy to use and affordable. These beds close up into a small case. You can easily carry the bassinet wherever you want to go. When it comes to a portable bassinet, cost is the least of your worries. Portable bassinets are available for as little as $40 and can go as high as $300 depending on the style and features you prefer. Most of these bassinets include a storage area under the bed and an awning that will shade the baby’s face from sunlight or indoor lighting. These bassinets are very convenient and easy to use.

    Vibrating Bassinet Cost

    Vibrating bassinets are perfect for fussy or cranky babies. If your baby has an upset stomach, excessive gas, or simply cannot be satisfied a vibrating bassinet may be your best option. It is easy to find portable bassinet options that are less than $100. In fact you can even get a bassinet that rocks, vibrates, and plays music for less than $100. You can lock the casters in the bassinet if you don’t want it to rock. You can also control the music volume, vibration, and the nightlight that is included.  The vibrating bassinet cost may be higher than traditional bassinets. However, if you consider the comfort for your child and how easy it is to put the baby to bed you may want to spend a few extra dollars.

    Convertible Bassinet Cost

    There are many different convertible bassinets on the market today. Some companies offer bassinets that also work as the baby’s car seat. There are even bassinets that can be converted into a toy bin, book shelf, chair, or table. When considering convertible bassinet cost you should know that prices can vary dramatically. You may find a dual purpose bassinet for less than $75 or you may find that the one you fall in love with costs several hundred dollars. Specialty furniture generally costs more than traditional styles. However, you should always compare the price of buying two pieces of furniture separately to the cost of bassinet options that are convertible. You may find that you can get the two in one convertible bassinet for much less than you would pay to buy a bassinet and a car seat separately. In addition, your items will match when you by a convertible set.

    Bassinet Bedding Cost

    Bassinet covers can be found for as little as $40 or as much as $100. The cover includes the inside cover, the hood, and the material that drapes down the sides. You will generally pay more if you choose a multiple tiered ruffle, or one that is intricately designed. As for the bedding for a bassinet, there are many available options. You can buy the blankets, sheets, and pillow covers separately or you can buy a complete set. Sets usually start at $30 and go up to $80 depending on the style. If you want to purchase additional sheets you can find them for less than $9, and extra blankets usually average less than $20. If you plan to use your bassinet on a daily basis you should probably have two covers, four blankets, and two comforters on hand.

    As you can see there are many different bassinet cost options. When considering the cost of a bassinet keep in mind that the bed just might pay for itself if you travel. In addition, there is no price that can be named for the peace of mind you will experience during those first few weeks as your baby sleeps right next to you. You never have to leave your newborn alone in a room. For most first time mothers having the baby close by is a great comfort. Shop around to ensure you find the best bassinet price. There are many different companies that manufacture and sell bassinets and bassinet supplies. You can even save money on the cost of a bassinet by purchasing a used bassinet frame and buying a new cover and supplies.

    Bassinet Mattresses

    When considering bassinet mattress cost you should know that the price can range from $20 to $140. This cost is sometimes included in the original purchase. However, in some cases the cost of the bassinet will not include the cost of the mattress. If you use the same bassinet for multiple children you should consider replacing the mattress for each child.  For $20 you get a basic bassinet mattress without a cover. From there the prices go up. You can pay $70 for a bassinet mattress with an organic mattress cover. For a $140 you can buy a mattress that is made from 100% organic material. This means that the mattress would be free of dyes, chemicals, or synthetic materials. In addition to the purity of the materials you will also pay more for the mattress depending on the thickness and name brand.

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