How Much Does Summer Camp Cost?

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    Picking a summer camp for your child means doing some research. Summer camp experiences have significant long term effects on children, so choose wisely. Just because your friend’s child enjoyed a certain camp does not mean that your child will. There are summer camps geared towards almost any interest your child has. Some are very general while others are geared towards honing leadership skills. Some camps are dedicated to working with kids with certain disabilities. Summer camp cost is a worthwhile expense if the money is spent wisely. Otherwise, the cost of summer camp can seem like a big drain on your family’s finances.

    Average Cost Of Summer Camp

    Average summer camp costs depend on the type of camp your child will be attending. Summer camp prices for non-profit or community based day camps range from $25 to $200 a week. That is a total summer camp cost of $200 to $2,000 for an 8 to 10 week camp. The cost of summer camp is based on the kid of activities and instruction being offered, how many hours are in the camp day, the counselor to camper ratio, and whether the campers will be going on any field trips. Sleep over summer camp is more expensive because of the 24 hour camp day and the number of counselors that are required to supervise the campers all day long.

    Summer Camps For Kids

    Summer camps for young children are often not overnight camps; therefore the cost of summer camp for kids is less when they are younger. As they grow older and feel more comfortable away from home, then they can transition into overnight camps. Some of the best kids’ camps are located in areas that cater to entertaining children. Cities like Orlando, FL have great kids’ camps. But for young kids, the best camps are the ones that are closer to home and that cater to their particular interests. Art camps are particularly attractive to young girls, and sports camps cater to both boys and girls. Summer camp costs are affected by amenities like equipment and food. Staff to camper ratios for camps with younger kids tends to be higher to provide extra supervision. A general interest camp in Maine for pre-teen and teenage girls charges $6700 for full sessions and an $800 enrollment fee for a 7 week camp.

    Choosing A Summer Camp

    Choosing a summer camp for your child starts with aligning your kid’s interests with the camps in your area. There are many different summer camp ideas, so you are bound to find one that suits your child. If your kid has not spent the night before, then a day camp is a good first step. Make sure the camping experience is fun for your child. If he or she starts to show signs of stress, then it is time to find a new camp.

    Summer Camps For Teens

    Summer camp costs for teens are more likely to account for overnight sessions that last several weeks. Teens are starting to understand who they are and their place in the world. The cost of summer camp is a great investment in self-discovery for teenagers. The kinds of camps that teens prefer are widely varied, and depend on the interests of the child. Many of these camps are Christian based religious camps to teach biblical and moral values. Some are alternative camps for children coming to grips with issues such as homosexuality. There are camps for teens struggling with addiction or weight loss, and a portion of these summer camp prices might be covered by insurance.

    Overnight Summer Camp

    Average general interest overnight summer camp cost can be up to $3,000 for four weeks or $5,000 for eight weeks. These are usually run by nonprofit or religious organizations. Some have scholarships available to help the underprivileged to afford the cost of summer camp. Summer camp costs vary depending on the location and size of the camp. Overnight summer camp prices are also affected by the counselor to camper ratio, activities, and amenities. The YMCA offers summer camp programs that are based on age groups. Some of the most expensive camps have professional chefs on staff. Private overnight summer camp cost ranges are from $4500 for four weeks to $10,000 for eight weeks.

    Day Summer Camp

    Day summer camps are available for children who are not yet ready to stay away from home for extended periods of time. Summer camp cost for day camps is less than the overnight camps. They can start as low as $25 to $200 a week depending on the activities and the length of the camp. Some only last a few hours and are geared towards teaching skills like gymnastics or soccer. They give the children something to do and give the parents a break during the day. Summer camp cost can also be affected by who is running the camp. For example, an art camp run by a local recreational center will usually cost less than one run by an art museum. Private schools and universities offer summer enrichment camps that give the kids physical activity and get them ready for the next school year.

    Free Summer Camps

    Free summer camps are often run by nonprofit organizations that are dedicated for the express purpose of holding these camps. They often work with at-risk youth who need to stay busy during the summer months in order to stay out of trouble. They are usually run by local youth leaders and may or may not have local church involvement. Although aimed at at-risk communities, these camps are open to the public and are a great way for low to moderate income families to provide structure for their children during the summer break from school.

    Low Cost Summer Camps

    Summer camps do not have to be expensive. Some family centered towns use municipal funds to run low cost summer camps for the children who live there. These camps are for a few hours a day, and are usually hosted at a community recreation center. Activities will include arts and crafts, soccer, gymnastics, and swimming. Many churches also sponsor camps for their members, paid for from church revenues, and include mission work and bible lessons. One way these camps keep costs low is by running a week at a time. Families can pay for one week, or participate for the entire summer.

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