How Much Does Daycare Cost?

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    The cost of daycare varies depending on what country and what state or province the family resides in, the age of the child, what type of daycare is used and how many hours a week the daycare will be needed. The biggest determining factor of daycare cost is where the family resides. In the United States, the average price of daycare for a preschool child is $4000-$13,000 annually.  In the United States, the average price of daycare varies as much as $6000 annually per state. Alabama has the lowest daycare cost at around $4000 per year, while Massachusetts is one of the highest at an average annual cost of $10,000. Families living in rural areas tend to pay less for daycare than families living in urban areas; urban area daycare prices usually average about $2000 a year more than rural daycare pricing.

    Daycare cost also varies according to the age of the child. Babies and infants incur higher daycare cost than that incurred by older children; daycare costs for babies and infants usually average several hundred dollars more monthly. The type of daycare also plays a role in daycare cost; there are private daycare centers, public and non-profit daycare centers, parent-run cooperative daycare, in home daycare and nannies. Parent-run cooperative daycare, public and non-profit daycare and in home daycare tend to be the least expensive daycare choices. Private day care centers and nannies tend to cost the most. Most daycare centers have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment plans. However, in some cases, if daycare costs are not paid all at once, parents may be charged interest. In Canada, daycare cost varies per province and city. Average daycare cost in Canada is about $6000 a year; Toronto and Ottawa have the highest average daycare cost in Canada at $9000-$10,000 annually, while Montreal is the cheapest with a $2400 annual average.

    Average Cost of Daycare

    The average cost of daycare in the United States is $7000 annually. Average daycare cost varies depending on where the family lives, the type of daycare, and how many hours the daycare is used. Average daycare pricing is also affected by the child’s age; typical day care prices for babies and infants are higher than for older children. States with a low cost of living are far cheaper than states with a high cost of living. The average American family with two working parents will spend about 10% -11% of their annual household income on typical day care costs. The average cost of daycare when using a nanny or a private daycare center tends to be higher than the average daycare cost when a public and non-profit daycare center or home daycare is used. The average daycare costs in Canada are slightly less than in the United States.

    Day Care Costs per Month

    The average monthly cost of day care in the United States is about $600. However, day care prices are greatly affected by location, the child’s age and type of day care used. In the United States, day care costs range from $400-$1100 a month. In Canada, monthly day care costs range from $250-$800 a month.

    Day Care Fees

    On top of the normal day care costs, some day cares also charge a fee for extra services or expenses. Some day cares have a supply fee, laundry or diaper fee, field trip fees and/or a snack or lunch fee. Some day cares offer internet viewing of the child for the parent for an addition fee. Day care fees may be charged monthly, bi-annually or annually.

    Part Time Day Care Costs

    Part time day care costs vary depending on where the family resides, the child’s age and what type of day care they use. For older children, there are many before and after school programs for very low cost; schools, the YMCA and other similar places often have low cost before and after school programs. Part time day care costs can also be kept low by hiring a babysitter that resides nearby. Often teenagers or homemakers will do a little babysitting for around $5-$10 an hour. Many home day cares offer part time day care for around $50-$75 a week, while private day cares will cost around $75-$100 a week.

    Home Daycare Costs

    Home daycare is when the child is watched in someone else’s home. Usually the person watches 2-4 children at a time. Home daycare costs tend to be less than private daycare or nannies. The cost of home daycare varies per area and can range from $100-$200 a week for full time care; babies and toddlers often cost a bit more as they require more care.

    As another option, public or non-profit day care is one of the cheapest day care choices. Low-income families are often able to get subsidies to help pay for day care cost at public or non-profit facilities. Home day care can also be a moderately inexpensive option. Parent-run cooperative day cares are also a feasible day care choice as parents help with day care duties in lieu of some of the day care costs.

    Average Cost of Infant Day Care

    How much does daycare cost for an infant? In the United States, the average daycare cost for infants is about $8000 a year. Average daycare costs for infants are higher than average daycare costs for older children. Average daycare cost for infants is higher due to infants taking far more work to care for than older children. Average daycare cost for infants is about $2000 higher a year than the average cost of daycare for older children. How much daycare costs for an infant depends on factors such as where the family resides and what type of day care is being used. Average daycare prices for infants can vary by thousands of dollars a year depending on location and daycare type.

    Bright Horizons Daycare Cost

    Bright Horizons is an organization that specializes in supplying employer-sponsored childcare. Bright Horizons has daycare facilities in the United States, Europe and Canada. Bright Horizons supplies daycare centers at hospitals, large businesses, government buildings and universities. Bright Horizons offers both full time and part time daycare, and is available for children of all ages. Daycare cost at Bright Horizons in the United States ranges from $400-$2300 monthly, depending on the child’s age and how many hours they are at the daycare center. Bright Horizons centers located in Canada and Europe are similar in price to those in the United States.

    Children of America Daycare Cost

    Children of America is a childcare business that has facilities throughout most of the United States. Children of America offers quality daycare for children of all ages. They offer full time and after school care. Children of America offers security and internet-monitoring systems so parents can check on their children throughout the day. Children of America is a rather expensive daycare as it offers a wide variety of special activities to help children learn and grow. The cost of daycare at Children of America varies depending on the child’s age and whether the care is full time or part time. For full time care, parents should expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars a month.

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