How Much Does A Septic System Cost?

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    There are many factors that affect the cost of a septic system. The first are the materials that are used and the size of the tank. If the land where your septic system is installed is uneven or too rocky, it will also need to be excavated. Additional septic system costs include the cost of installation, labor costs, and even the cost for a building permit, if necessary. This can run homeowners as little as $1,500 or as much as $14,000.

    Average Cost of A Septic System

    The average cost of a septic system is $4,000 to $5,000. This includes the septic system tank, drain gravel, vaults, piping, and labor costs.  However, the cost can vary greatly depending on several factors. This cost is the average for a septic system for a large, three-bedroom house. The septic system cost can be more or less depending on the price of the septic system tank. Septic systems can be concrete, steel, or fiberglass. Concrete is able to crack but often remains durable for decades. It also does not shift, which is a common problem with fiberglass tanks. This makes fiberglass unpopular. Steel is also unpopular, because it can have problems with corrosion and rust over time.

    Types of Septic Systems

    The septic system cost that you pay is determined by the specific needs of your property. If the soil around your property is covered in large rocks, below water level, or of poor absorbency, an unconventional septic tank may be needed. This can include mound systems, infiltrator systems, drip engineering systems, or aerobic systems.

    Cost By Type Of Septic System

    Aerobic Septic System Cost

    The majority of septic systems are anaerobic. However, there is the option of installing an aerobic septic system. The cost of aerobic septic systems is quite a bit higher than for anaerobic systems. Aerobic systems have the advantage of requiring replacement less frequently. Aerobic systems are also able to treat and clean sewage at a more efficient rate than anaerobic systems. The average septic system cost for an aerobic system is the same as for anaerobic, between $5,000 and $6,000, but it requires more maintenance. Maintenance alone can cost $150 to $200 each year, and the necessary chlorine tablets are an additional $50 to $75 each year.

    Above-Ground Septic System Cost

    Above-ground septic systems are sometimes used when the ground in an area is unable to absorb well or cannot hold an in-ground septic system. These systems are not a popular option unless the land requires that above-ground septic systems are used. The average septic system cost for above-ground units is $10,000 to $15,000. They also require frequent inspections to ensure they are functioning properly.

    Mound Septic System Cost

    Mound septic systems are also popular in areas of ground that do not absorb well or that cannot hold an in-ground system. Sand is a popular covering for mound septic systems, because it protects the pump and tank from the elements. The cost of mound septic systems is significantly higher than for conventional septic systems. Sand mound septic system costs typically run anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. They also require yearly inspections. Though they have a high cost, they must be used in some locations.

    Infiltrator Septic System Cost

    The infiltrator septic system cost includes the price for installation, excavation, and the cost of the various tubes. Infiltrator septic systems are a system and can contain the number of tubes that are necessary for your specific building. Infiltrator tubes are 4 feet long and cost $30 to $35 per tube. However, the cost of the tank, labor, and excavation are not included in this price. Infiltrator tubes can be used with conventional or mound septic systems.

    Engineered Septic System Cost

    Engineered septic systems costs have a slightly higher range than conventional systems. However, these prices are largely affected by the prices of the contractor that you are working with. Engineered septic systems are used when problems such as bedrock, unabsorbent soil, or high water are present. Some forms of engineered septic systems are drip engineering systems and pressurized dozing.

    Alternative Septic System Cost

    Alternative septic systems cost ranges vary depending on the system that you choose. Examples of alternative septic systems include mound systems, infiltrator systems, and drip engineering systems. Drip engineering systems may cost around $6,000, while some mound systems can be as costly as $20,000.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Septic System?

    Septic system installation costs are affected by three factors. First, the cost of septic system installation depends on the contractor that you use. Some will charge more for the amount of work required than others. The cost is also affected by the type of system that you are choosing to install. Finally, septic system installation cost can be affected by the type of land you live on. If excavation is needed, it may cost more. However, the price to install a conventional septic system is usually around $5,000.

    Septic System Inspection Cost

    Septic system costs for inspection typically run between $150 and $300. The type of system you have determines the frequency of the inspections. Above-ground and aerobic systems require annual inspections, meaning you must pay this cost yearly. Most engineered systems also require yearly inspections. In-ground septic systems must be inspected every three years.

    Septic System Repair Costs

    Septic system repair costs are a reflection of what part of the septic system needs to be repaired. If the tank needs to be replaced, it can cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000. If the piping needs replaced, it can cost $2,000 or more. Having frequent inspections can help you to recognize problems before they develop into costly repairs.

    Septic System Replacement Cost

    The cost to replace a septic system varies depending on the tank that you are purchasing. New septic systems cost $5,000 to $6,000 on average and can even run up to $20,000 in some cases. This is the entire cost including installation, the new tank, and piping.

    Septic System Maintenance Cost

    Septic system cleaning costs vary depending on the system you have. Conventional septic system maintenance is very low. However, systems such as the aerobic septic system require regular maintenance, which can cost $50 to $75 or more a year.

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