How Much Does Disability Insurance Cost?

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    Disability insurance should be a priority for any working individual. The fact is that disabilities occur, and without the proper insurance a person with a disability will be at risk of losing all of their income. The cost of disability insurance can be as low as $500 per year, and it could provide you with two-thirds or more of your regular income. There are different options available when you are searching for insurance. Short-term and long-term plans are available, as are individual and group benefits. Disability insurance cost is different for each type.

    Average Cost Of Disability Insurance

    Typical disability plans will pay 2/3 of a person’s full salary in the case that they become incapacitated and unable to work. Average disability insurance cost is in the area of 1%-3% of a person’s salary. You can expect these rates to inflate as the amount of coverage increases in both value and length. Short term disability coverage is typically more affordable than long term, while individual insurance rates are higher than group (but with more freedom). The cost of disability insurance can be an important factor in your decision making process.

    Long Term Disability Insurance Cost

    Many people are concerned with the possibility of acquiring an extended or life-long disability. Long term insurance policies are ideal for someone with these needs. Long term disability insurance cost tends to be higher than its short term counterpart, but it makes up for this by offering more security over time.

    Short Term Disability Insurance Cost

    Disability insurance cost for a short-term period is cheaper than long term, and there may even be a chance for retrieving some of your payments at the end of the plan’s duration. A short term plan may be less expensive if it is set to renew at the end of its term, while non-renewable insurance has added expense in exchange for more flexibility. These plans may be renewed, and are usually cheaper if they are set to do so automatically at the end of the term.

    Individual vs Group Insurance

    Disability insurance that was purchased through an employer is considered to be group insurance. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) places many restrictions on these plans, but disability insurance cost can be reduced through group policies. Individual plans are bought from insurance brokers. These policies are more expensive than group rates, but they are much more flexible with exemption from the ERISA. Both individual and group insurance types can be found in long and short term forms. Insurance for businesses of all sizes can be purchased in group form, while the self employed may need to seek individual insurance.

    Disability Insurance Plans

    The differences between insurance plans give us different combinations of terms, as well as variability in disability insurance cost. Among the most affordable types of insurance are short term group policies. However, these plans leave you vulnerable over the long term, and tied down to ERISA mandates in the meantime. The highest cost of disability insurance is found with long-term individual plans. Though expensive, plans of this nature will give you lasting security with flexibility. Supplemental insurance can be purchased on top of short term plans in order to provide a higher benefit if the disability lasts longer than the original plan would cover. Other forms of specialized policies are available to provide additional benefits under certain circumstances (accidental disability, mortgage coverage). Disability plan cost is higher when specialized terms are included.

    Disability Insurance Coverage

    The amount of coverage provided by any disability insurance plan will vary from company to company. A common amount of salary to be insured is 2/3, though this can change and alter the cost of disability insurance. Supplemental insurance can be purchased to extend the amount of coverage, but at an extra price. The exact conditions (or disabilities) covered by your specific plan can be found in the underwriting.

    Disability Insurance Benefits

    The amount of benefits that you will receive in the case of disability will depend entirely upon the terms of your policy. Some insurance plans will pay a certain percentage of your average salary for a certain amount of time before your affliction, while others will base the percentage on your salary at the time of purchasing coverage. For example, if you were earning $50,000 per year at the time you obtained disability insurance, and you have a plan that covers 70% of your salary, then you will receive $35,000 in benefits per year. The amount may instead be determined by a pre-decided figure that was negotiated during the underwriting process.

    Disability Insurance Underwriting

    Many fear the underwriting process, mostly because they enter the insurance application process with unrealistic expectations. After the application has been made, you may receive a phone call in regards to your medical history. The insurance company will request your medical records and review them scrupulously for pre-existing conditions and other signs of ill health. The company will then offer what they deem to be the best offer of coverage that they can make. This almost always leads to disability insurance cost that differs from the original quoted amount.

    Disability Insurance Premiums

    Insurance premiums are paid monthly to cover the cost of disability insurance. There are several variables that can influence insurance premium expenses, including gender, age, and current health. Premiums for those over 60 can be substantially higher than for those 30 years old. For this reason, it can be beneficial to inquire about flat rates that don’t fluctuate with time. This tends to save on disability insurance cost over time.

    Disability Insurance Companies

    There are a variety of companies that provide disability insurance, so it is important to research your options before purchasing a plan. When searching for an insurance broker, you should consider not only the disability insurance cost, but also the specific terms of the insurance (what is covered) and the percentage of your current income (or what flat amount) that will be paid out in the event of disability.

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