How Much Does Embroidery Cost?

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    Embroidery is very popular today with many types of companies. These companies use embroidery to advertise their company logo on employee clothing, give away items, or products that are placed around the office. Many companies find it very inexpensive to purchase polo shirts in bulk and have them embroidered for employee uniforms. However, if you are new to the embroidery field there are many factors you need to consider that will affect your price.

    Embroidery Pricing

    Finding out how much embroidery will cost can be a very difficult task. Some companies make their prices transparent while others won’t even quote you a price until you have uploaded the embroidery design and waited several days for a quote. Some companies even require you to pay to have your design digitized before they can quote you a price. As you can see there are many factors that make up embroidery prices. Discovering how to price embroidery requires a formula that includes three components.

    There are basically three different parts that make up the embroidery cost. First, you will pay to have your printed or hard copy graphic transferred into a digital format. Second, you will pay a one-time fee to have your logo or design setup in the company’s computer system. Finally, you will pay for the actual embroidery. When it comes to the cost of embroidery each company prices the job based on the number of stitches required to make your design. Generally this is broken down into several categories of 500 stitches. For example, you will pay a set price if your design requires 500 or less stitches and another price if the design requires 1,000 or less stitches. The company will also have a set number of colors you can use. With some companies you can have ten colors while others allow sixteen or more. If you go over this number of colors allowed, the cost of embroidery will be more.

    Professional Embroidery

    When you are in search of a professional, corporate embroidery company there are certain things a professional company should discuss and offer. Thread quality, stabilizers, and size of logo are all factors that you need to consider. While embroidery cost may be a top priority, you also want to ensure that you receive a professional product. You don’t want to pay the full cost of embroidery only to end up with a logo that buckles or twists within the garment. You also don’t want threads that are breaking after a few gentle washes. Professional companies should guarantee the cost of embroidery and the quality of the embroidery they provide.

    Hand Embroidery

    When considering embroidery pricing, you will find that hand embroidery is much more expensive and time consuming than machine embroidery. The embroidery cost you pay for this service can be as high as $50 per garment or job. In most cases machine embroidery prices are much more reasonable and the end product can be more uniform than hand embroidery.

    As you can see there are many components to figuring the embroidery cost of your company or personal project. The best thing you can do is contact an embroidery company directly and ask for a quote on your project. Most companies will take a look at your logo and offer a written guarantee of the embroidery cost. At that point you can decide whether or not the company is right for you. Don’t be afraid to shop around as the price may vary greatly from one shop to another. Compare embroidery price quotes from online companies and local companies to see who offers the best pricing.

    Digital Embroidery

    Digital embroidery requires that your logo is digitized or placed into a digital format. This may be included as part of the embroidery cost. In most cases you can use a logo offered by the company and pay no fee for digitizing. However, if you only have a hard copy or a low quality file of your logo you will probably need the company to digitize the file and include the cost of digitizing with the cost of embroidery. Make sure you ask about this fee up front.

    Online Embroidery

    Online embroidery pricing can vary. However, you should expect to pay roughly the same price no matter what company you choose. If a company deviates drastically from these prices something is wrong. The one time set up fee will usually range from $15 to $35. The cost of digitizing your logo, if the company charges extra for this service, should not be more than $15. As for the actual cost of embroidery, you will pay per the number of stitches. Some companies charge $1 per 1,000 stitches while other companies have a scale based on specific numbers of stitches. You might pay $4.75 for 6,000 stitches and $5.75 for up to 8,000 stitches.  In addition, it is not uncommon for companies to charge lower prices if you are ordering more garments. For example, 6,000 stitches could cost as little as $2.00 if you order 500 or more garments. The more you order the more you save in the embroidery business.

    The great thing about online embroidery is that you can order your products online and have them shipped directly to your office. You don’t have to go to a shop to pick out your products or offer your design. Simply go to a reputable shop that offers reasonable embroidery pricing and order your products there. Most companies have a catalog that you can browse through to pick out your uniforms or products.  You pick out what you want and upload your logo in a jpeg, or gif file format. The company should send you a mockup of your project and obtain approval before the project is completed. Make sure that you understand and agree on the embroidery cost before you give your approval. It is very rare that you can cancel your order once it is placed unless the company makes a mistake.

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