How Much Does Thermage Cost?

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    Thermage treatments cost anywhere from $900-$6000, depending on what part and how much of the body is being worked on. Thermage CPT, a new and improved type of thermage, cost a couple hundred dollars more than traditional thermage costs. Thermage is considerably less expensive to have done than many other types of cosmetic procedures, such as a face lift or other plastic surgery that typically costs $10,000 and more. Additionally, thermage is cheaper than many other cosmetic procedures because only one or two sessions are needed to achieve the desired results; however as the effect of aging never ends, some people like to repeat the procedure every few years to keep their skin tight and young looking. The cost of thermage treatments also depends on location; thermage treatments tend to be less expensive in large metropolitan cities where there is lots of competition than in smaller cities and towns.

    Thermage Skin Tightening Cost

    The cost of thermage ranges from $900-$5000, with the average being around $2200. The prices varies on where the procedure is done, and what part and how much of the body is being done. If thermage is being done on the entire body, the average cost is about $5000; full body thermage usually takes two sessions to complete. The average cost of thermage treatments for around the eyes is around $1500, while thermage treatments for around the eyes and the forehead cost around $2000. Thermage treatments on the stomach area costs around $4000. Thermage CPT treatments generally cost a couple hundred dollars more than traditional thermage treatments do.

    Body Thermage Cost

    Thermage treatments for the entire body cost from $2000-$6000, with the average being around $5000. If Thermage CPT is done instead of traditional thermage, the cost will be a couple hundred dollars more. Thermage treatments for the body usually take about two hours and often two treatment sessions are needed.

    Thermage Eyes Cost

    Thermage treatments for the eyes costs from $1000-$1800, with the average being around $1500. Many people also get their forehead done while they are getting thermage treatments for around their eyes. Thermage treatments for both the eyes and the forehead costs from $1700-$2200, with the average being around $2000. Thermage treatments for the eyes takes about one hour. Thermage treatment for both the eyes and forehead takes around 90 minutes.

    Thermage Tummy Cost

    Thermage treatments on the stomach are popular with women who have sagging skin on their stomachs from being pregnant. However, if the stomach has a large amount of sagging skin, thermage will not work very well. Thermage tummy costs range from $3500-$5000, with an average of around $4000. Stomach thermage treatments  usually take an hour to two hours to complete.

    Thermage CPT Cost

    Thermage CPT is a relatively new technology; it is the third generation of thermage devices. CPT is short for “Comfort Pulse Technology”. Thermage CPT is basically the same as traditional thermage, but has been designed to be more comfortable for the patient and to cause considerably less pain. Not only is thermage CPT more comfortable than traditional thermage is, it also does a better job at tightening skin as it offers a more uniformed and wider distribution. Thermage CPT is more expensive by a few hundred dollars than traditional thermage is. Due to thermage CPT being relatively new, it is not available at with all locations where thermage is done.

    What is Thermage

    Thermage is a cosmetic procedure that helps to tighten skin to reduce the signs of aging and environmental damage, such as wrinkles and sagging skin. Thermage uses captive radiofrequency energy to heat the inside layers of skin, the subcutaneous layer. The RF energy rejuvenates the collagen that is found in the subcutaneous layer and stimulates new collagen growth. Collagen is what keeps skin smooth, tight and youthful looking. Thermage treatments generally take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to complete, depending on what part of the body is being treated. Depending on the condition of the skin and the area being worked on, thermage treatments may be accomplished in one session or two.

    Does Thermage Work?

    Thermage works for some people and doesn’t work for others. Futurederm explains how well thermage works depends on many things such as the condition of the patient’s skin and the condition of their collagen fiber network. Thermage does not work well for obese people, nor does it work well for those with skin in very poor condition. The results of thermage is often not seen at first, sometimes it takes months for the results to be visible; thermage stimulates new collagen growth for about six months, so during that time the skin should continue to firm up and become more youthful looking. Thermage seems to work better on females than male. To maintain a youthful appearance, thermage treatments should be repeated every two years.

    How long does thermage last

    Thermage treatment results last about two years, sometimes slightly more. Unfortunately, bodies continue to age, and the sun and other environmental damage continues to effect the skin, causing it to slowly revert back to it pretreatment look. People who would like to maintain their thermage results need to get it done every two years.

    Thermage Side Effects

    Thermage is generally very safe, but like any cosmetic procedures there is some after treatment side effects to deal with. After treatment, patients should be prepared to deal with redness, swelling, prolonged tingling of the skin, skin indentations, and possibly scabbing or blistering. After treatment side effects, usually go away within a few hours to a few days. Thermage treatments may hurt; the amount of pain thermage causes varies per person; some felt it was pain free,  some felt it only hurt a little, while others found the pain almost unbearable. For those who are pain sensitive, thermage CPT may be worth the extra expense. Although it is extremely rare, there is the possibility of severe burns during the treatment. More information about it can be found here.


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