What Permanent Tattoo Removal Cost

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    The average cost of tattoo removal is around $500-$1500; however, it can be as low as $100 to as high as $10,000. The cost of having a tattoo removed depends on many factors: the size of the tattoo; the colour of the tattoo; where the person is located; where the tattoo removal is being done; where on the body the tattoo is located; and what tattoo removal procedure is being done. The price of  tattoo removal even varies on what time of year it is and the colour of the person’s skin. Small tattoos are less expensive to have removed than large ones are, and light coloured tattoos are cheaper to have removed than dark coloured tattoos are. Tattoo removal is cosmetic and is therefore not covered by health care.

    Does Tattoo Removal Work?

    Yes, tattoo removal works; however, how well it works depends on the tattoo removal method used. There are five popular types of tattoo removal methods, two surgical, two laser and one cream. The two surgical methods of tattoo removal are surgical excision and dermabrasion, both work wonderfully and leave no trace of the tattoo behind; however, they can leave behind a scar and be painful. Traditional laser tattoo removal and Picosure laser tattoo removal works very well; however, it often takes multiple treatment to completely remove the tattoo. The only tattoo removal method that is suspect is the tattoo removal cream; it works for some people, but not at all for other people.

    The Different Types of Tattoo Removal

    There are five commonly used tattoo removal methods; surgical excision, dermabrasion, Picosure laser, traditional laser, and tattoo removal cream. Both surgical excision and dermabrasion are surgical procedures; they are more expensive than laser tattoo removal is, can be painful, and may cause scarring or pigment lost in the tattoo area. However, both surgical tattoo removal methods usually can remove the tattoo completely in one session while with laser tattoo removal it often takes two or three sessions to achieve the desired result. There are two types of laser tattoo removal; traditional laser tattoo removal and Picosure laser tattoo removal. Traditional laser tattoo removal is the most common type of tattoo removal used.  Picosure laser tattoo removal is a relatively new procedure that uses laser pulses to break down and destroy the ink in the tattoo. Picosure laser tattoo removal is considered the least painful type of tattoo removal after the tattoo removal cream. Both types of laser tattoo removal can cause blistering, redness of skin, pinpoint bleeding, swelling, and occasionally minor burns.

    Tattoo Removal Cost per Square Inch

    The average cost of tattoo removal per square inch is around $50: however, it can be as low as $40 to as high as $100. The cost of tattoo removal per square inch varies depending on location; the method of removal being used; and the colour of the tattoo. Both surgical procedures, the surgical excision and dermabrasion, do not charge per square inch and are instead fixed rates. However, some professionals will offer discounts for small tattoos.

    Cheapest Tattoo Removal

    The cheapest tattoo removal method is tattoo removal cream; however, it does not work for everyone and is generally not the best method for dark tattoos. The cheapest reliable method of tattoo removal is traditional laser tattoo removal which ranges in cost from $100-$1000. The second cheapest option is the surgical procedure excision, it removes the skin where the tattoo is. Excision ranges in price from $500 to $1000. Traditional laser removal often takes two or more sessions to completely remove the tattoo, which can drive up its cost two to three times. Excision only requires one session to completely remove the tattoo, but can leave scarring and can be painful.

    Cost of Tattoo Removal Cream

    Tattoo removal cream is the easiest and gentlest way to removal a tattoo. However, it also requires the most commitment as it will need to be applied to the tattoo regularly. A year’s supply of tattoo removal cream ranges in cost from $200-$500. The success of tattoo removal cream varies greatly from person to person; some people report great success with tattoo removal cream, while other people report that it did not remove their tattoo at all. Tattoo removal cream is best for light coloured tattoos. With tattoo removal cream, you generally get what you pay for; the really cheap brands do not have good reviews. Doing some research and reading reviews before buying a tattoo removal cream can save a lot of money and frustration. Tattoo removal cream is relatively new and is expected to improve in the years to come.

    How Much Does it Cost to get a Small Tattoo Removed?

    A small tattoo is generally three to four inches in size. Generally, it costs about $50 per square foot, so a small tattoo cost about $150-$200 to remove. However, some tattoo removal professionals have a minimal cost of $250 or more. The cost to get a small tattoo removed varies on location, the size and colour of the tattoo, and by what tattoo removal method is used.

    Picosure Laser Cost

    Picosure laser tattoo removal is a relatively new tattoo removal procedure. It is basically an improved version of traditional laser tattoo removal. The average cost of Picosure laser tattoo removal is more expensive than the cost of traditional laser tattoo is. Picosure laser tattoo removal cost around $700 to $1000 per session. Typically, Picosure tattoo removal takes less session to completely remove the tattoo  than traditional laser tattoo removal does; on average Picosure laser tattoo removal requires half the sessions than traditional laser tattoo removal does. Aside from tattoo removal cream, Picosure laser tattoo removal is the least painful of all the tattoo removal methods. Picosure laser tattoo removal costs vary on locale, the size and colour of the tattoo, and on the professional that does the removal. As Picosure is a fairly new procedure, not all tattoo removal practitioners will have it available.



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