How Much Do Dental Implants Cost

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    Dental implants are very expensive and unfortunately not covered by many insurance plans. Dental implants in the United States cost between $1000- $6000, with the average price being around $4000 per tooth. The cost of dental implants varies depending on the dentist, location, teeth and jawbone  condition, and the number of appointments needed. No two patients will pay the same amount as the condition of their teeth will be different, which impacts the price. In comparison with teeth implants, also called a dental bridge, dental implants are more expensive; the average cost of replacing one tooth with a dental bridge is around $3000. However, dental implants do not require the maintenance that a dental bridge does, and are often less expensive in the end run. Dental implants are also far more sturdy than a dental bridges are.

    Due to the high cost of dental implants many people travel to other countries to get it done. Thailand, India and Mexico are extremely popular medical tourism spots. The average cost of dental implants in Thailand, India and Mexico is only $500-$1500 per tooth.

    Average cost of Dental Implants

    In the United States, dental implants average cost is around $4000 per tooth. However, it can cost as low as $1000 per tooth or as high as $6000. Dental implants average cost varies due to many factors such as location, the dentist, the condition of the teeth and jawbone, and which tooth or teeth are being replaced. For those interested in traveling out of country to get dental implants done, the average cost in Mexico and Thailand is around $600 per tooth.

    Dental implants cost per tooth

    According to Colgate, in the United States, dental implants cost anywhere from $1000-$6000 per tooth, with the average cost being around $4000. The cost of a dental implant includes everything from X rays, the surgery to place the implant, the implant and the crown, and other things like pain medications. Costs vary depending on the dentist, location, and the condition of the patent’s teeth and jawbone. The average cost of a single dental implant in one of the many countries that specialize in medical tourism such as India, Mexico or Costa Rica is around $750.

    Full Dental Implants Cost

    Full mouth dental implants cost around $20,000-$50,000, with the average being around $40,000. Most adults have 32 teeth in their months, with a single tooth averaging $4000 for a dental implant, doing the full mouth is very expensive. Thankfully, when full mouth dental implants are done, the dentist does not charge per tooth, instead giving the patient a discounted rate for doing it all at once. Full mouth dental implants cost is generally not covered by insurance, although there are a few companies that will cover a small percentage of it, usually 10-25%.

    Mini Dental Implants Cost

    Mini dental implants are different than standard implants are. Mini dental implants help to secure and stabilize full or partial dentures. Mini dental implants cost considerably less than standard implants do; the average cost of four mini implants and adjusting an existing denture to work with them ranges from $2500-$3000. If a new denture is needed, the cost will be more. Mini dental implants cost less than standard implants do because they are quicker to put in, usually being done in one day, and because they require less material and are less training and special equipment to do. At the moment, mini dental implants are only available for the lower jaw.

    One Day Dental Implants

    Same day dental implants are expensive, but for many people well worth the extra price. With dental implants in one day, the patient leaves the dentist with temporary teeth that are replaced with permanent teeth three months later after the mouth is healed from the original implant procedure. This allows for the patient to generally eat normal foods and not have to deal with the embarrassment of missing teeth, while they wait for the implants to heal. Same day dental implants are generally not used to replace just one tooth; they are for replacing all the lower or upper teeth, or the full mouth. The cost of dental implants in one day ranges from $20,000-$45,000, with the average being around $40,000.

    Dental Implant Companies

    There are several hundred dental implant companies in the world. They range in quality from high end to low; however, even the cheapest of dental implants still needs to pass strict manufacturing rules to be used. The success of dental implants depends more of the dentist’s skill level than it does the brand of implant used. Some of the most popular dental implant brands are Nobel, Dentsply, Bioner, Astra, 3I, Intra-Lock, Titanium, Tay Dental and Camlog.

    Low Cost Dental Implants

    Finding low cost dental implants in North America or the UK is very difficult. Unfortunately dental implant costs in North America and many place in the UK  go up each year instead of down. Wikihow, says Countries such as Mexico, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, and Bulgaria specialize in medical tourism, offering low cost, yet high quality dental procedures. Replacing one tooth with a dental implant costs from $500-$1500 in these countries. Even with factoring in airfare, hotels costs and other expenses, the overall cost of getting dental work done in a country that specializes in medical tourism is significantly less than getting in done in North America or parts of the UK.

    For those who cannot travel to another country to get low cost dental implants done, they could try contacting local dentistry schools; dentistry schools offer low cost dental implants done by students that are supervised by a teacher.

    Dental Implants Procedure

    Dental implant procedure is usually done at the dentist office, but it is also occasionally done at a hospital. A local anesthesia is generally used during the dental implant procedure. The dental implant procedure usually consists of an implant being placed securely into the jawbone as a replacement root for the new tooth. Once the implant is in, a new tooth is secured to it; the new tooth may be a crown or bridge. The new tooth may be added immediately after the implant is put in or it may be added several weeks later, depending on the condition of the patient’s gums, jawbone and surrounding teeth. If the patient does not have a thick enough jawbone to hold the implant, the dentist will need to make it thicker by grafting on more bone or by doing a bone distraction. If the jawbone needs to be worked on before putting in the implants, it will raise the cost of the dental implant procedure significantly and can add 4-12 months to the work time line. Dental implants have a 98% success rate. More information about the procedure can be found here.


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