How Much Does A Boutonniere Cost?

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    A boutonniere is a floral decoration that is worn by men. Many years ago, boutonnieres were worn by gentleman on a regular basis, but today they are usually only worn on special occasions such as proms, funerals, weddings or special dates. A boutonniere is worn in a man’s jacket buttonhole or is pinned to his lapel. Boutonniere cost varies depending on the type of flower used; flower prices vary depending on whether the flower is rare or common, locally grown or imported, and whether it is in season or not. Flowers that are commonly used for boutonnieres are roses, tulips, daisies, orchids, fiddle fern heads, lilies and carnations. Boutonniere prices also vary depending on the complexity of the flower arrangement and the store the boutonniere is being purchased from.

    Boutonnieres are also available using artificial flowers; boutonniere prices when they are made with artificial flowers can be more or less than real flower boutonnieres depending on whether the artificial boutonniere is factory or handmade and what materials were used to make them. Boutonniere cost ranges from $2-$40. Factory made artificial boutonnieres can cost as little as $2, while boutonnieres that are made from exotic flowers or handmade expensive materials can cost as much as $40. To save on boutonniere cost, many flower stores offer boutonniere-corsage combo deals or bulk sales for wedding parties or similar events.

    Average Cost Of Boutonniere

    The average boutonniere cost for a fresh flower boutonniere is about $10-$15. The average boutonniere cost for fresh flower boutonnieres that are simple in designs featuring a single common flower is $7.  The average cost of a boutonniere that features an exotic or seasonal flower is around $20. Average boutonniere prices for artificial flower boutonnieres are $5-10.

    Boutonnieres For Weddings

    Wedding boutonnieres are usually worn by the groom, best man, ushers, father of the bride, father of the groom and any other males that are part of the wedding party. Wedding boutonnieres are usually made from whatever flowers the bride’s bouquet is made from. Wedding boutonnieres are usually purchased at the same place the bridal flowers are purchased from. However, they may also be purchased from the formal wear store that the wedding party’s tuxedos or suits are rented from. Wedding boutonnieres cost around $10 each, but prices vary depending on what type of flowers are used and whether real flowers or artificial flowers are used. When the wedding boutonnieres are purchased from the same store as the other bridal flowers, there is usually a discount in costs due to the large order.

    Boutonniere For Prom

    Traditionally the girl buys the boutonniere for her prom date. However, today it more often happens that the gentleman buys both the corsage and the boutonniere. Boutonnieres for prom are usually a single rose or carnation, sometimes with some light baby breath or fern. Some floral shops offer a discount corsage-boutonniere package deal. Boutonniere cost varies per store depending on what type of flower is used, but it usually falls between $5 and $10.

    Rose Boutonniere Cost

    The rose is one of the most commonly used flowers for boutonnieres. Rose boutonnieres are available at any place where boutonnieres are sold and usually are equable in price. Roses are available year round. Rose boutonnieres are available in a wide variety of colors and are usually worn at very formal events. Roses are closely associated with love and rose boutonnieres are perfect for weddings and anniversaries. Due to their popularity and availability, rose boutonniere cost usually ranges from $5-$10 each. However, rose boutonnieres that have two or more roses or a more elaborate design can cost $20-$30. Roses are prone to opening during warm weather, which is not extremely desirable for a boutonniere; they are not the best for summer events.

    Were To Buy A Boutonniere

    There are several different places where a boutonniere can be purchased from. Boutonnieres can be purchased at flower stores, bridal boutiques, men’s formal wear stores, party stores, craft stores and online. They can also be ordered through wedding planners. Flower stores usually carry a wide variety of fresh flower boutonnieres or can have them made; it is best to order a boutonniere at least three days before it is needed. Boutonniere cost varies per flower shop, with simple boutonnieres often costing as low as $5 and elaborate or exotic flower boutonnieres costing as much as $20-$30.

    Bridal boutiques often have a small selection of artificial boutonnieres for sale that match the bridal bouquet. They may also be able to order in fresh flower or custom made boutonnieres. Boutonniere prices at bridal stores vary per store, but they tend to be a bit more expensive than average. Boutonnieres are usually also available at men’s formal wear stores and may even be free or sold at a discount price with a suit or tuxedo rental. Artificial flower boutonnieres can be bought in most party stores and craft stores for a very reasonable price. These boutonnieres are not always the best quality, but they are good for someone working with a limited budget or buying in bulk. Boutonnieres are also available for sale online. Boutonnieres sold online range from discount lines to custom made specialty ones. Boutonniere cost for boutonnieres that are ordered online is increased by shipping and handling fees.

    Silk Boutonniere Cost

    Silk boutonniere cost is usually less than fresh flower boutonniere cost. Silk boutonnieres costs range from $2-$20. Low quality silk boutonnieres can be purchased at many party stores for $2-$5; often a discount is available for bulk orders. Custom made silk boutonnieres can be purchased from some craft stores, wedding boutiques and other specialty stores. Custom made boutonnieres cost $10-$20. Silk boutonnieres can also be made at home; homemade silk boutonnieres cost about $5-$10. Silk boutonnieres are far more convenient than fresh flower boutonnieres and will last for many years so they can be used again. However, silk boutonnieres, especially the lower quality ones, do not have the real beauty or fragrance that fresh flower boutonnieres have.

    Orchid Boutonniere Cost

    Orchid boutonnieres cost more than boutonnieres made with the more common flowers such as roses or carnations. Orchid boutonniere prices are usually similar to that of Calla lily boutonnieres. There are many types of orchids that are used to make boutonnieres; orchid boutonniere price varies depending on what type of orchid is used. Orchid boutonniere prices range from $10-$25.  Orchids do not travel well and are often bruised and damaged in shipping; this increases orchid boutonniere cost. Orchids do not take well to cold weather and are not the best choice for winter events; however, they do well in hot weather and are an excellent choice for summer weddings or other warm weather events.

    Calla Lily Boutonniere Cost

    Calla lilies are also known as Arum lilies. Calla lily boutonnieres are more expensive than the more common rose boutonniere. When in season, Calla lily boutonniere cost is similar to orchid boutonniere prices. When not in season, Calla lily boutonnieres usually cost more than orchid boutonnieres. When in season, Calla lily boutonniere cost ranges from $10-$25. Calla lily boutonniere prices increase when the flower is not in season; the cost increase varies per store and the availability of the flower. Calla lilies do not travel well and bruise easily, which can also increase their costs. Calla lilies do not take to cold well and do not make the best boutonnieres for winter events; however, they take better to hot weather than many of the other boutonniere flowers.

    Artificial Boutonniere Cost

    Artificial boutonniere prices range from $2-$20, depending on their quality, if they are mass made or custom made, how simple or elaborate they are, and where they are bought. Artificial boutonnieres can be purchased in bulk online or at many party stores for a very low price. Artificial boutonnieres are made from silk or plastic flowers. The more expensive artificial boutonnieres tend to look more real than the less inexpensive ones.

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