How Much Does A Corsage Cost?

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    There are several events in life that call for the special recognition of an individual, and a common method is to present the person with a corsage.  These can be used for weddings, dances, graduations, showers, birthdays, and other important days when you want to distinguish a special participant.  Depending on the event and the type of flowers, the cost of corsages can vary.

    Specialty Flowers Can Influence Wedding Corsage Cost

    When you are ordering flowers for your wedding, an important factor is the wedding corsage cost.  Some brides order corsages only for mothers and grandmothers, while others choose to honor more ladies in attendance.

    Although a real flower corsage can cost as little as $15, if you intend to have many corsages, the costs can quickly add up.  To choose your flowers, you should decide if you want each piece to complement the individuals’ outfits or if you want to use common flowers depending on your theme.  Many brides use the same flowers in each, with a difference in the colors identifying mothers and grandmothers.  Others use smaller versions of their own bouquet flowers for the mother and grandmothers.  Depending on how much you want to pay and your vision of your wedding, your florist can help you put together an affordable package to cover the cost of corsages for your event.

    Put More Money In Baby’s Piggy Bank by Keeping Baby Shower Corsage Cost Low

    Baby showers are another event where corsages may be presented to the new mother and grandmothers.  Unlike most of the events on this list, baby shower corsages may not even be made from flowers!  The shower hosts may decide to buy premade baby shower corsages, or even make them at home.  Those with an artistic side may decide to create small corsages that are personalized to the event for everyone.  This can mean coordinating the corsages to match the baby’s gender or even bedroom decorations.  Some choose to create something as useful and inventive as baby sock corsages!  Again, the items you use to put the corsages together can be as inexpensive as you’d like to make a corsage that is adorable and practical.

    The Cost Of Corsages Is Influenced By Their Type

    Florists will charge depending on the amount of work that goes into the corsage, the flowers and greenery in the piece, and other factors. Expect to pay more for a wrist corsage, which may also be known as an arm corsage.  A corsage worn on the wrist or arm requires more work than a pin-on piece, taking anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour to construct one piece.  Your florist should be able to give you some good pointers on how to keep the cost of corsages lower, whether it is choosing different flowers or a smaller piece.

    There are other types of corsages that you can order, as well.  Some companies offer an extremely light, realistic version with flowers carved out of delicate, thin wood.  These corsages will also last forever and their colors will remain bright if they are kept out of direct sunlight.  Silk flowers should be kept out of light to prevent fading as well.

    If you do some online research and talk to your florist, you can get a beautiful piece while keeping the cost of corsages low and within your budget, no matter what the event.

    Beautiful Flowers For Prom Corsages

    Prom is one of the most memorable nights of your life, but it is also one of the most expensive.  When you add up the cost for dinner, tuxedos, dresses, shoes, purses, accessories, and so on, the price of the prom tickets are the least of your worries.  However, you can afford a beautiful prom corsage while still presenting your date with a flower she will be proud to wear.  The most important way to lower prom corsage cost is to use as little florist labor as possible.  If you or someone in your family is crafty, they can buy cut flowers and make the corsage themselves.  If you would rather pay the cost of corsages done by a professional, you can stick to a pin-on corsage.  These are much less expensive than wrist corsages.  You can turn a beautiful pin-on corsage into a wrist corsage by attaching a ribbon that matches your date’s prom dress and use it to tie the flowers to her wrist.  A bracelet is also an effective way to hold a corsage in place.  You can buy the elastic wristband from the florist, which will attach to the flowers with four prongs that just need to be pinched shut.  The most effective way to keep the cost of corsages down is to put together a small clutch bouquet of beautiful flowers that are tied together with a ribbon.

    Ordering Your Corsages By The Flower

    As mentioned above, types of flowers in your corsages will affect the cost of corsages.  First, let’s take a look at rose corsage cost.  Roses are extremely popular for weddings, showers, and other events.  For a plain corsage with roses, you can expect to pay from $10 to $30 each.  These prices will also depend on whether your flowers are in season and the greenery you choose.  Another popular flower for corsages is the orchid, and orchid corsages cost anywhere from around $20 to $60 on average.

    If you are looking for a corsage that will last forever and may be lower in price, you may want to check out the silk flowers corsages.  These can be purchased online or from a silk flower specialist, or they can be made at home.  Since the flowers will not die, you will have time to experiment with them before the big event.  The price will depend on the type of flowers you choose and the intricacy of their craftsmanship, the amount of time the specialist must put into making the corsage, and any shipping costs you may need to pay if you order online.  It is a good idea to pay a little more for realistic-looking silk flowers for these types of corsages.

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