How Much Does A Manicure Cost?

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    In times of a bad economy, there are some businesses that still seem to have their share of excited customers.  Restaurants, hair salons, and manicurists seem to still be bringing in clients who are willing to pay for a little luxury.  In the grand scheme of things, manicures and pedicures are only a small treat when compared to say, a trip to Paris.  However, many modern women are simply unwilling to give up their “me time” when it has such a small price.  Whether you are a regular at your nail salon or just visit for special events, you may be experiencing some changes in the cost of a manicure in your area.

    What Is The Average Cost Of A Manicure?

    The average cost of a manicure can vary extensively. Manicure cost will differ greatly depending on where you live, the nail salon you frequent, and the type of manicure you receive. If you choose to sport your own natural nails, the manicure cost will be less than if you have acrylic nails or other artificial nails.  In most areas, manicures cost between $15 and $35, depending on where you plan to go.  However, depending on where you live, the cost of a manicure could be much higher.

    How Much Does A French Manicure Cost?

    A stylish stand-by for weddings and other special events, the French manicure is still popular after all these years.  If you have good nails and choose not to use artificial ones, a French manicure will probably cost around $15 to $20.  A steady hand is critical to properly apply this painting technique, so make sure your nail salon has a good reputation before you drop the cash for this natural look.  For this reason, they often cost a few dollars more than a regular manicure.  Artificial nails with a French manicure will probably cost you between $35 and $45 for an appointment.

    How Much Does The Average Gel Manicure Cost?

    More effective than acrylic synthetic fingernails, a gel manicure is strong and not as likely to chip.  The gel is actually used to bind the artificial nails to your natural nails, although they can also be applied to natural nails to keep them long and healthy.  Gel nails are also odorless and are more healthy and natural then acrylic.  The nails are flexible and will bond naturally with your real nail, which makes it look more natural than acrylic.  They don’t need to be polished, lifted, or backfilled, and will stay shiny longer.  In order to get this look, your manicurist will apply the gel to your nail and seal it beneath an ultraviolet light.  Gel nails can only be removed by filing them off.  Your real nails will not be damaged by gel nails like they are with acrylic artificial nails, although it does cost more for an acrylic manicure.  This popular manicure can last up to one month.  The cost of the average gel manicure is around $45.

    How Much Does A Shellac Manicure Cost?

    Shellac manicures are becoming more popular, and may be combined with the UV manicure procedure.  Manufacturers of shellac polishes recommend that manicurists charge from 50% to 100% more for these manicures than for a regular manicure. The color can last up to two weeks, yet only takes about 10 minutes to remove.  The shellac will not chip or scratch and your nails will look as perfect after two weeks as they did on the first day.  There are even shellac remover wraps that are applied to the nail to soak the color off.  Many are trying this new manicure procedure because the natural nails do not need to be buffed, edged, or prepared for the shellac before it is applied.

    Final Thoughts

    Once you decide what kind of manicure you would like, you are in for a relaxing treat.  The actual treatment is for the hands as well as the natural nails or the application of artificial nails.  First, the hands are soaked to soften the skin.  Then, old nail polish is removed.  The technician will then cut your nails and shape them with an emery board into ovals or a squared shape.  Dead skin will then be removed, like hangnails and other issues.  Most manicurists will then give you a hand massage to relax the hands with moisturizer.  They will then apply your chosen nail polish over a clear base coat.  They may apply two coats of your color if you wish.  The nail polish will actually protect your nails and hold in their moisture.

    Salons will have their own specialized manicure equipment that is made to be industrial strength to give many clients manicures and pedicures each day.

    You can buy your own tools to use at home if you wish to perform a home manicure.  You will need nail clippers, an emery board, an orange stick to push back the cuticles, cuticle cream, hand moisturizer, nail polish remover, base coat, and new polish.  You may even wish to apply a topcoat to protect your color for a few extra days.  Make sure you have good lighting so you can properly see your nails while you work on them.  Try not to use polish remover more than twice each month, as it will dry your nails.  Always be sure to moisturize the nails after removing polish.  You may wish to use a moisturizer with mineral oil or petrolatum in order to keep your nails moisturized and healthy.  Avoid polishes that include nail hardeners, as the nails will become less flexible and will break more easily.  If you have artificial nails, talk to your manicurist about how you can take care of them at home.

    Taking some time for yourself can help you feel relaxed and comfortable.  When you can get such great results you can look at and admire for days afterwards, the cost of a manicure does not seem very high!

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