How Much Hearing Aids Cost

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    Hearing aids range in price from $100-$4000 per ear, with the average of $4500 for a pair. Low cost hearing aids can be purchased online or from a drugstore or department store for $100-$200. However, low cost hearing aids do not work the best. A good to excellent quality hearing aid costs from $800-$4000. Hearing aids that go in the ear canal range in price from $150-$5000 per pair. In the ear hearing aids range in price from $30-$5600 per pair. Behind the ear hearing aids cost $450-$5600 per pair. Generally, the more expensive the hearing aid, the better the feedback reduction and sound quality. Typically, small custom made hearing aids cost considerably more than bulkier mass made ones do. In addition to the cost of the actual hearing aid, there are other costs such as hearing examinations, device fitting appointments, follow up appointments and warranty. 

    Hearing Aid Prices with Medicare

    Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover hearing aids. Medicaid sometimes covers hearing aids, but it depends on the State; some States have a mandate that Medicaid covers at least some of hearing aid costs, while others do not. 

    Hearing Aid Assistance

    Hearing aids are expensive and many people simply cannot afford to pay a couple of thousand dollars for one. Medicare does not help with hearing aid costs at all, but depending on the States Medicaid does. For those with other insurance, hearing aids may or may not be covered. For those who have served in the USA military, the Veteran’s Administration will usually pay for the hearing aid and all expenses that go with it. There are numerous charities and organizations in the Untied States that help low income people with the cost of a hearing aid. Those in need of assistance should contact one of the following organizations: Audient Alliance, Better Hearing Institute, Children of the Silent World, Easter Seals, Foundation for Sight & Sound, Gift of Hearing Foundation, Hear Now, Hope For Hearing  Foundation and Hearing Aid Bank, Lions Club International, Miracle-Ear Foundation, Optimist International, Sertoma, and Starkey Hearing Foundation. 

    Does Medicare Cover Hearing Tests?

    Medicare covers hearing tests when they are prescribed by a Doctor. Medicare does not cover hearing tests that have not been Doctor recommended. Most other insurance companies cover at least some of the cost of a hearing test; with co-pay the average cost of a hearing test is around $20. Many places that sell hearing aids offer free hearing tests. The cost of a hearing test without insurance ranges from free to $250. The cost of a hearing test with insurance ranges from free to $75.

    Hearing Aid Coverage by State

    Different States have different insurance mandates in regards to hearing aids. Arkansas does not mandate hearing aid coverage for individuals, instead it offers it to employers who may or may not give it to their employees. If the employer chooses to include it, it must cover a minimum of $1400 per ear every three years. Colorado mandates that all children under 18 years of age must be covered for one hearing aid per ear every five years, a co-pay or deductible may apply. Connecticut mandates that all children 12 and under be covered for up to $1000 every two years for hearing aids. Delaware mandates that children under 18 be covered up to $1000 per ear every 36 months. Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine and Maryland all have the same hearing aid insurance mandate: $1400 per ear every 36 months for children 18 years and younger. Massachusetts has mandated insurance coverage of $2000 per hearing aid every 36 months for individuals 21 years and younger. Minnesota has insurance mandates that all children 18 and under are covered for one hearing aid per ear every 36 months, no limit. Missouri only mandates insurance coverage for hearing aids for newborns. New Hampshire’s insurance mandate for hearing aids has no age restrictions and covers $1500 per ear every five years. New Jersey has insurance mandates that all children 15 years and younger be covered for $1000 every two years for a hearing aid. New Mexico’s insurance mandates for hearing aids are $2200 per ear every 36 months for children 18 and under or 21 and younger if still in high school. North Carolina has an insurance mandate that all insurance companies cover hearing aids up to $2500 per ear every 36 months for individuals 22 years of age and younger. Oklahoma mandates that all insurance companies cover hearing aids for children up to 18 years of age, no limit, every 48 months. Oregon has insurance mandates that all children under 18 are covered for hearing aids up to $4000 every 48 months. Rhodes Island mandates that insurance companies cover all ages for hearing aids, up to $2000 for those under 19 and up to $800 for adults, once every three years. Tennessee has insurance mandates that all children under 18 be covered for $1000 per hearing aid every three years. Wisconsin mandates that all insurance plans cover children under 18 for hearing aids, once every three years, no limit. Some insurance companies cover more than what the States mandates. It is best to contact your insurance company to find out exactly what you are covered for. 

    Cost of Hearing Aid Abroad

    Hearing aids in the USA tend to be rather expensive. Those in need of a hearing aid can save money by travelling to a different country to purchase it. In Canada, the average cost of a hearing aid is $400-$600, but can be as high as $2000, per ear. In the UK, hearing aid costs are much the same as in the USA, ranging from $150-$4000 per ear. Thailand and the Philippines offer great prices on hearing aids, generally being about 35%-50% cheaper than North American prices. Mexico also offers far cheaper prices on hearing aids.

    Hearing Aid Prices at Costco

    Costco offers a wide variety of hearing aids. At Costco, open fit and behind the ear style hearing aids range in price from $900-$1400 per ear. In the ear hearing aids at Costco cost from $500-$1500, while canal hearing aids range in price from $900-$1500 per ear. Costco also sells completely in the canal hearing aids for $900-$1500 per ear. Costco is a great place to shop for a low price, yet good quality, hearing aid.

    Miracle Ear Hearing Aid Prices

    Miracle Ear has three popular hearing aid models: Aquavi,  Guardian and Mirage. Aquavi is a behind the ear hearing aid that is waterproof, dust proof and shockproof. It features an IP68 rating and FeedBackFS 2.0, SoundBoost, and Intelligent Peak Smoothing. The Miracle Ear Mirage is an 100% hidden hearing aid. It features Intelligent Peak Smoothing, SoundBoost and FeedBackFS 2.0.  The Miracle Ear Guardian is a custom fit hearing aid that fits into the ear canal comfortably. The Guardian is for those with mild to medium hearing loss. It not only improves hearing, it also protects it. Miracle Ear hearing aids are expensive, ranging in price from $3000-$6500. For low income people, Miracle Ear has the Miracle-Ear Foundation, which offers help and affordable financing for those in need.

    Siemens Hearing Aid Prices

    Siemens hearing aids are very popular as they are excellent quality and equably priced. Siemens offers a variety of behind the ear and in the ear hearing aids, with all the most asked for features. Siemens economy models cost around $1300, while their premium models run around $2500. Siemens hearing aids are generally less expensive than Miracle Ear hearing aids are.



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