How Much Does Acne Laser Treatment Cost?

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    The cost of acne laser treatment is around $100-$500 per session. However, the price for treatment varies per clinic, and patients with more acne, acne scars or requiring a larger area to be treated will have to endure increased laser acne treatments costs. Acne laser treatment cost also varies per country. In most cases, 4-8 laser treatment sessions are necessary to reach the desired results; even for light acne or acne scarring a minimum of 3 sessions is usually needed.  Many clinics offer discounts on the cost of acne laser treatment when several sessions are paid for at once.  In most cases, patients will have to return for follow up sessions every 4-6 months to maintain the benefits of the treatments; this increases the overall acne laser treatment cost. There are also home acne laser treatment devices available for sale from $40-$500; however, these devices are not as effective or as safe as getting the treatments done by a professional. The cost of acne laser treatment is not usually covered by insurance, as it is considered to be a cosmetic treatment.

    Teenage And Adult Acne

    Both teenagers and adults suffer from acne. About 80% of all teenagers develop acne and about 25% of them will end up with acne scarring. Only about 20% of adults suffer from acne; however, acne scarring is more often seen on adults than teenagers. Teenagers are more apt to have serious acne problems than adults, but adults are more apt to suffer from acne scarring than teenagers. Teen acne and adult acne are slightly different; teen acne tends to be more often caused by hormones and oily skin, while adult acne tends to caused by dry or combination skin, stress, hormone fluctuations due to menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

    Acne laser treatment works well for both adults and teenagers. However, as teenagers tend to have more acne than adults do, the cost of acne laser treatment is usually more for teenagers. In addition, teenagers usually require more subsequent visits to keep their acne under control than adults do, which in the end increases the acne laser treatment cost. Adults often have more acne scarring than teenagers and therefore require more acne laser scar removal treatments; adults will often spend more in acne scar laser treatment cost than teenagers will. Both teenage acne laser treatment cost and adult acne laser treatment price varies per individual and the extent of acne or acne scarring.

    Acne Treatments That Work

    There are many types of effective acne treatments; some work better than others. Numerous treatments may have to be tried to find the one that works best. There are over the counter acne treatments, prescription acne treatments, oral contraceptives, cosmetic procedures and light and laser acne treatment. Over the counter acne products can be effective acne treatment for mild acne. Over the counter products dry up oily skin and kill the bacteria that create acne. Most over the counter acne products are better suited for teenagers than adults. The cost of acne treatments that are sold over the counter is relatively cheap in comparison to other types of acne treatment costs.

    Prescription acne products are effective for moderate to severe acne problems. Prescription acne treatment helps to promote cell turn over and kills bacteria that cause acne. Many prescription treatments have an antibiotic in them to help fight acne. Prescription acne products are effective acne treatment for many people; however, they sometimes cause redness, slight swelling and peeling on the skin. They may also cause stinging and burning when used. The cost of acne treatment using prescription treatments is more than over the counter acne treatment costs, but less than acne laser treatment cost or cosmetic procedure costs. Prescription acne products are effective for both teenagers and adults.

    Oral contraceptives are an effective acne treatment for many females with mild acne. However, there are multiple side effects from oral contraceptives such as headaches, depression, upset stomach and tenderness. Oral contraceptives also increase the risk of blood clots, heart disease and high blood pressure. The cost of acne treatment by oral contraceptives is usually less than the cost of prescription acne treatment, but more than the cost of over the counter acne treatment.

    Both blue light laser acne treatment and laser acne treatment are effective acne treatments. Laser treatments help to decrease the amount of oils the skin produces, while blue light laser treatments target the bacteria that cause acne. Both treatments help to improve skin texture and decrease the appearance of acne scars. Blue light laser acne treatments and laser acne treatments may cause the skin to swell and take on a sun burned appearance after treatment, and may cause the skin to sting and peel; however, these effects are only temporary. The cost of blue light laser acne treatment and laser acne treatment is more than most other types of acne treatments, and both are appropriate for both teenagers and adults.

    Some cosmetic procedures like microdermabrasion and chemical peels can help control acne; however, to be an effective acne treatment they usually need to be used with other acne treatments. Some chemical peels and microdermabrasion can cause chemical burns, skin discoloration, peeling, stinging and redness of the face. The cost of cosmetic acne treatment is less than the cost of laser acne treatment or blue light laser acne treatment, but is usually more than prescription or over the counter acne treatment.

    Severity And Size Of Area

    The cost of acne laser treatment varies depending on the degree of acne and the size of the area being treated. The cost of back acne treatment tends to be more than the cost of facial acne treatment due to the back being a larger area than the face. The cost of laser back acne treatments usually run about $50 more per session than the cost of facial acne treatments. Like all laser acne treatments, the cost of back acne treatment and facial acne treatment varies per clinic.

    Natural Acne Treatment

    There are many natural acne treatments. Some natural treatments work well for some people, while doing nothing for others. The cost of natural acne treatment, when homemade, tends to be less than the cost of laser acne treatment, the cost of blue light laser treatment or any of the other effective acne treatments. However, when bought from a specialty store the price of natural acne treatment can be more than most of the over the counter treatments and some prescription treatments. As natural acne treatments do not contain the chemicals that over the counter or prescription treatments do, they usually do not have the potential side effects. However, natural acne treatments often only work for mild acne. Natural treatments consist of a variety of herbal masks, peels, scrubs, toners and washes. Natural acne treatment can also include changes in diet to help promote healthy skin. Natural acne masks are made from natural ingredients like baking soda, eggs, basil, sea salt or oatmeal. Natural acne washes are made from rose water, garlic cloves, orange peels, basil leaves, lemon juice, honey, vinegar or mint juice. Natural acne treatments can be very effective for some people, especially when the acne is only mild; however, in cases of moderate or severe acne other treatments like laser acne treatment and the cost that comes with it may be necessary.

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