How Much Does Arm Liposuction Cost?

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    Liposuction has become one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery available. Many areas of the body can have their fat content reduced through liposuction, and the price for individual body parts can vary from as little as $1,500 all the way to $8,000. In particular, arm liposuction cost tends to range from $1,500 to $5,000 (both arms are included). Liposuction (arm included) is minimally invasive, relatively low-risk, and can be a helpful option for those who cannot achieve the desired results through conventional methods (exercise and diet). However, arm liposuction is not ideal for everyone. If the skin is not in good condition at the time of the procedure, it may not contract evenly and smoothly, leaving you with a bumpy arm. If your goal is to remove loose skin from the underside of the arms then liposuction will be of no use to you. The procedure that tackles excess and/or stretched skin is known as brachioplasty (or an arm lift). The cost of arm lifts tends to be more than the cost of arm liposuction, and sometimes both operations will be the best option, making arm liposuction cost only a part of the total price.

    Upper Arm Liposuction Cost

    The collection of fat under the upper arm is a common complaint of women who are seeking liposuction. A few weeks before their appointment, patients will be advised to refrain from smoking and taking anti-coagulant medicine.

    Sometimes a fast is required, but not when local anesthetic (which is the most common method, sometimes along with a sedative) is used. The surgery will take place in the morning, and the patient will be given antibiotic medication about an hour before the procedure. When the surgery begins, a small (near one quarter of an inch) incision will be made in each arm. A solution will be inserted into the opening in order to begin dissolving the fat. A thin but powerful vacuum-like instrument (known as a cannula) is placed in the incision. A specialized cannula may be used to break up fat with liquid, ultrasound waves, and even electricity (arm liposuction cost varies with the type). The tool is then used to literally suck the dissolved fat out of the arm. The cost of upper arm liposuction can changewith the size of the job.

    Under Arm Liposuction Cost

    The arm has several parts, any of which may be a candidate for liposuction, and different areas have different entry points and amounts of fat. Arm liposuction cost may fluctuate depending on the characteristics of the areas in need of attention. The incision is often limited to the under arm during upper arm liposuction and sometimes the fat to be removed is confined almost exclusively to the under arm area. The cost of arm liposuction can be reduced if there is only a small amount of under arm fat to be removed.

    Arm Liposuction Scars

    Scars from arm liposuction are rarely large, and any small scar that remains is often concealed within the underarm. There is some contention between surgeons about the use of sutures to close or partially close the incisions. It is common practice for the wound to be left open, or only partially sutured, to allow for the flow of fluid (remaining liquid fat and blood) during the healing process. Regular dressing changes are needed due to the draining liquids.Similar to most surgeries, the cost of arm liposuction rarely incudes recovery items, but little (if any) recovery time is required following this procedure. Some surgeons argue that the wounds should be sutured so that the scar heals as uniformly and quickly as possible, while others refute the argument as having too high of a risk to reward ratio. Arm liposuction cost will include any extra methods used to aid healing (like suturing).

    Liposuction Alternatives

    When considering liposuction, you should determine if it is fat or excess skin that is the source of your displeasure. If skin is the culprit, then you should instead seek brachioplasty (an arm lift) to address the issue.

    For those whose problem is fat, the number one alternative to liposuction is to improve your diet and exercise regimen. If these changes do not lead to a reduction in fat, you may consider liposuction as an alternative. Even though it is typically small, the incision from liposuction is a deal breaker for some people. This is completely understandable, especially considering the risks associated with the procedure. An alteration to traditional liposuction has emerged in recent years that can lower arm liposuction cost, along with erasing the need for an incision. The procedure is called laser liposuction. A laser (the cold type, as in having a low intensity) would be aimed at the arm and causes the fat in the tissue to exit the cells, without damaging them. The fat will move into spaces around the tissue, and then eventually leave the body through natural excretory processes. This surgery is purported to be painless, though the quality of the doctor is more likely to determine comfort during and immediately after the procedure. The price of arm liposuction with a laser is less, on average, than the regular cost of arm liposuction.

    Arm Liposuction Recovery

    Arm liposuction cost is one concern for potential patients. Unfortunately this concern may outweigh those related to health. Another common request is for information regarding recovery. Liposuction recovery is generally quick and relatively painless. If all goes well, the patient can return to work and normal activities after as little as two days or up to two weeks from the date of surgery. The final results may be seen as soon as one month later when the swelling subsides, though the changes will start to take form earlier in the process.  You will likely need to wear compression bands on your arms to alleviate swelling and hold the arm’s shape. Be prepared for the wounds to drain liquid for a few days, requiring frequent dressing changes. Arm liposuction cost does not include the price of recovery-related items, including any pain medications that are prescribed.

    Liposuction Risks

    Although liposuction is advertised as being low risk, the truth is that it carries many of the same risks as other surgeries and possible recovery needs should be included when researching arm liposuction cost. Some of these risks include a bad reaction to the anesthesia, infection, excessive bleeding, and blood clotting. Other serious conditions that can result from liposuction are necrosis (death) of tissue and internal organ damage from the cannula. Arm liposuction in particular is a risk for causing lymph node obstruction and complications. Be sure to weigh the cost of arm liposuction against the risks before making any decisions.

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