How Much Does Skin Tightening Cost?

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    As we grow older, the skin on our face and neck can become looser.  Skin tightening is an effective technique to eliminate 10 to 15 years of age from your face and can be achieved through face lifts or newer, less invasive methods.  Many consumers choose nonsurgical skin tightening techniques because there is small risk and little to no downtime after the procedure.  If you have considered having a skin tightening procedure done, you probably want to know details about skin tightening cost.

    How Much Does Laser Skin Tightening Cost?

    Laser skin tightening procedures consist of a series of treatments with a laser that will stimulate the production of durable collagen and regenerate the image skin cells. These fibroblasts cause the skin to produce collagen in response to the energy of the laser.  There is no external injury or downtime, and you can go back to work or reapply your makeup immediately after the procedure.  A full neck and face treatment can be completed in about 1 hour, and the effects can last for several years.  Collagen production may continue up to several months after the completion of your treatment.  The skin must be protected from the sun, as UV rays can break down collagen production.  Doctors recommend between 4 to 6 treatments that are spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart for the best results.  Prices depend on the areas tightened and can range from around $250 to $600 dollars depending on the size of the area.

    How Much Does Refirme Skin Tightening Cost?

    This process uses bipolar radio frequencies and light energy to tighten the skin.  This is effective for wrinkle removal treatment and is virtually painless.  The technology gives greater control than that used with standard light-based treatments and is safe for all skin types.  The amount of energy used is also less than other treatments.  The typical cost of this treatment is around of $2500, based on national averages.  The cost of your treatment will depend on the facility, the area that needs to be treated, and your location.

    What Is The Cost Of Thermage Skin Tightening?

    Thermage can tighten your skin, restore facial contacts, and build a healthier supply of collagen.  This non-invasive treatment is often called the nonsurgical face lift, and is not a light or laser-based system.  These treatments use a powerful radio frequency to firm the skin and encourage you to provide natural collagen to the epidermal surface.  This process takes place over four months after your first procedure to slowly firm the skin.  It is safe for tightening skin under the chin, neck, or along the jaw line, lifting the upper eyelids, and correcting acne scars.  While other procedures may take 3 to 4 sessions, this procedure needs only one.  The average cost of thermage skin tightening is $2200.

    Skin Tightening Procedures

    As we grow older, our skin will begin to lose its elasticity, and the production of collagen will begin to break down.  For larger people who decide to lose a lot of weight, they may find their skin is saggy once there is no longer body fat to fill it out.  This can even happen after a pregnancy.  Skin tightening procedures that will shrink the elastin fibers and collagen can work by treating the skin with radio frequency, ultrasound, or infrared energy.  The results for each patient will vary, although there are no harmful side effects identified with them.  When you are choosing a facility for a skin tightening technique, ask to see their portfolio of patients who have had the same procedure and how much their skin tightening cost.  Ask how much time has passed between the procedure and the date the picture was taken.  If you are unable to afford the procedure, many facilities are happy to put you on a payment plan to spread out the cost of skin tightening procedures over time.

    If you have decided to look younger but don’t want a face lift or other invasive procedure, a laser or light-based skin tightening technique may be an excellent solution for you.  When you research the types of procedures and skin tightening cost, you will have the information to make a good decision.

    What Are The Effects Of Skin Tightening Creams?

    Since insurance companies will not cover skin tightening procedures because they are considered cosmetic, you may wish to look into less expensive alternatives.  One choice is to use a skin tightening cream.  There are several brands that have been scientifically proven to help firm the skin and tighten the body while providing nutrients and hydration for the development of healthy skin.  The formulas usually include a hydrating ingredient, collagen, nutrients, peptides, and Omega-3 fatty acids.  The price for these creams can vary from $20 into the hundreds of dollars.  Speak to your dermatologist or medical professional about finding a skin tightening cream that will work for you.

    What About Natural Skin Tightening Practices?

    Many consumers are looking for natural ways to look younger and tighten their skin.  Mankind has looked for treatments to look younger and more beautiful since the beginning of time, and many ingredients have proven to be successful.  For instance, the spice tumeric is often applied to the skin for this reason.  Some use sliced cucumbers on the eye to reduce puffiness or rose hip oil on the cheeks.  Good genes can be advantageous, but there are many practices you can do throughout your life to help your skin stay younger.  For one, never forget your sunscreen, as damage by the sun’s rays can make your skin look older and more leathery.  It is also important to properly hydrate by drinking at least 8 to 10 8oz glasses of water per day.  A healthy diet can help improve the elasticity and tone of the skin and give you a healthy glow. There are several exercises that can help to tighten the skin without surgery, and they do not add to your skin tightening costs at all!  If these natural remedies and practices work, they can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of skin tightening procedures.

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