How Much Do Contacts Cost?

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    Over the years, many technological innovations have improved the way we see.  For those with vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, the answer to these issues were glasses.  Now, these users can choose to use contact lenses instead, if they do not like the look and hassle of their eye glasses.  As with any item that helps with a medical problem, prices can depend on the prescription, the type of contacts you want, and where they are purchased.  You may also want to look into manufacturer discounts and buying a long-term supply to save money.  But how much do contacts cost?

    The Average Cost of Contact Lenses

    The average cost of contact lenses can depend on whether you have a prescription. If you have astigmatism, presbyopia, or need gas permeable contact lenses, you may wonder, “How much do prescription contacts cost?”  Patients with these issues often pay between $22 and $26 for disposable lenses at the retail cost, while users who buy 30-day silicone hydrogel contacts will often pay $250 to $300 per year. If the lenses are replaced bi-weekly, you will need about 10 boxes of contacts per year for a total of around $220 to $260.If you’re looking for contact lenses without a prescription, you may be looking for colored contacts or special effects lenses. These can be found inexpensively, but still require a prescription from an eye care professional who will fit them for you.  These may also come in a prescription, and usually cost 50% to 80% more for the tinted lenses.  The special effects contacts can range from $50 to $200 or more per lens.

    How Much Do Disposable Contacts Cost?

    There are several different types of disposable contact lenses, and the number of times they can be worn will affect their cost. A box of lenses that are disposed of daily cost from $35 to $55 per box.  Lenses that are disposed of after two weeks are $18 to $35 per box.  If the patient has astigmatism, their two week disposables will cost $35 to $50 per box.  Monthly disposable contacts will cost $24 to $45 per box.  Someone who has astigmatism and decides to use monthly toric disposables will pay $35 to $65 per box.  Keep in mind that there will be additional charges to the contacts if you order online.  These may include shipping charges or an additional cost for custom designed lenses.  However, they may also offer volume discounts.  They should all be figured into the disposable contacts cost.

    How Much Do Hybrid Contact Lenses Cost?

    Many users do not know that hybrid contact lenses combine the best aspects of rigid lenses and soft lenses into a single product.  Hybrid contacts cost would usually be about $400 for a year’s supply.  They allow the eye to breathe to keep the eye comfortable all day through a gas permeable center, and may come in a bifocal or multi-focal contact range.  Manufacturers claim that these lenses give the superior focus of the gas permeable lens by offering the comfort of the soft lens.  They also have a “skirt” around the lens that keeps foreign objects from entering the eye under the lens.

    As An Example, How Much Do Acuvue Contacts Cost?

    The price for Acuvue contacts depends on where they are purchased.  They can be found at your local pharmacy or grocery store for around $17, or you can look online to find them at a lower cost. You will still need your prescription in order to purchase the contacts.  If you decide to order online, be sure to read some reviews of the seller to make sure they have a good reputation for selling quality products.  Your eye doctor may ask you to bring your new contacts in so they can make sure they fit your eyes correctly. There are also other brands of contacts that you can research to find a prescription and price that works for you. If you decide to use contact lenses, your eye doctor can help you make the best decision for the type of lenses that will work best for your eyes.  With some research, you can find great lenses to keep you seeing clearly, and know how much various brands of contacts cost!

    What Is the Average Implantable Contact Lens Cost?

    The average implantable contact lens cost varies with the type of contact lens, the location where the surgery is performed, the ophthalmologist who will perform the surgery, and the medical facility.  The typical cost of an implantable contact lens is usually between $1500 and $5000.  The price is about $3500 most of the time, and includes the contact lens cost, facility fees, surgeon fees, and a visit to follow up after the procedure.  If you decide to buy implantable contact lenses, be sure to ask your ophthalmologist if there are additional fees that are not in the quoted price.  Also, confirm that your eye surgeon is qualified for the surgery.  Most insurance policies will not cover the cost of this procedure, as it is considered cosmetic. There are financing options available through many doctors, though, and the money you will save on contact lenses, cleaners, glasses, and accessories for the rest of your life should be taken into account.

    Special Effect Contacts for Memorable Events

    For those users who need a prescription but also would like to wear tinted or special effect contacts, the cost is usually 50% to 80% more than regular lenses. Custom contacts cost can range from $50 to $200 or more per lens. These can be purchased for special events for a relatively low price. Special effect contact lenses that are used for theatrics, movies and television shows, however, are often much more expensive.  These are usually soft contact lenses that can be quite comfortable.  They may have opaque lenses with the desired actual effect on the top layer so that they block out the user’s original eye color.  Once you have a prescription from your eye care professional, you can take a prescription copy and buy your costume contact lenses elsewhere.  Be sure to buy them from an authorized source to make sure they have been FDA approved for safety.  If there is one part of your body you don’t want to risk with a cheap product, it is your eyes!

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