How Much Does A Pole Barn Cost?

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    Pole barns are ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. Pole barns come in many different sizes and can be used as work buildings, garages, farm buildings, or storage. Because there are so many options for pole barn construction, there is a wide range of estimates when it comes to pole building prices. The pole barn cost when building pole barns as a do-it-yourself project can run as low as $2,000 because you do not have to pay for labor. If working with a professional contractor, the price for your pole barn will be slightly higher. The prices for larger or customized barns, such as those with lofts or excess doors, have significant material costs and can run $25,000 or more.

    Pole Barn Construction Costs

    For the cost of materials alone, average pole building prices run from $2.50 to $4.00 for each square foot. However, this does not include excessively tall structures, complex designs, electrical work, or labor costs. Labor costs can add an additional $1 to $4 or more, depending on the complexity of the pole barn. Additional labor costs may also be charged for smaller pole barns, because the initial cost for labor and materials is minimal, and the company will not be able to profit.

    Pole Barn Materials

    If you choose to custom build your pole barn, rather than purchasing a standard kit, you must buy all of the materials yourself. This can make the total pole barn cost higher than using a kit, but in the long run you will have a unique pole barn that is designed to specifically fit your needs. The materials you need depend on whether you want a steel or wooden pole barn. First, you will need poles made of either pressure-treated lumber or steel. These poles are usually sold as a pallet. A pallet of either lumber or steel poles will cost an average of $90 to $220. Pole barn pricing may also be affected by whether you choose to use steel or wood paneling. These prices range from $0.50 to $6.00 per square foot of material. You will also need construction screws and straight nails, which should come at a relatively low cost. This may also include the cost of installing a door. Finally, you will need concrete and/or gravel to anchor in the poles. This is can cost $50 to $600, depending on the size of your pole barn.

    30 x 40 Pole Barn Prices

    The typical height of a pole barn that is 30 feet by 40 feet is 10 feet high. A 30 x 40 x 10 pole barn can cost between $2,500 and $7,000. This is determined by the materials used, as well as whether the pole barn is built as a do-it-yourself project or with the help of a professional contractor. This would include the cost of installing a large, sliding metal door and a smaller, side door. This size of pole barn is ideal for permanent camping areas, garages, or storage.

    40 x 60 Pole Barn Prices

    Because a 40 x 60 pole barn has larger square footage dimensions, it is often 12 feet high. A loft may also be installed at an additional cost. Pole barn prices for a 40 x 60 x 12 model can run as low as $3,200 or as much as $10,000. These prices include the costs for a sliding metal door, as well as a small door on the side of the structure. However, these prices can be more, depending on whether you build the pole barn yourself or build it with the help of a contractor. Also, there may be excess costs for an overhead door or the installation of a loft. These are ideal to use for storage, a work space, or as a garage. These sizes of pole barns are also ideal for commercial purposes.

    Pole Barn Kits Prices

    When pole barns are constructed for residential purposes, it is not uncommon for homeowners to build pole barns themselves. Pole barn packages are sold for those choosing to build the structures as a do-it-yourself project. Pole barn prices for kits vary depending on the types of materials used to build the pole barn and the size of the pole barn. The typical cost of a pole barn kits range from $2,000 to $18,000 or more. However, these kits are ideal for anyone completing a do-it-yourself project. They include all of the necessary materials for building a pole barn and very clear instructions/diagrams of how to assemble to materials. Pole barn pricing for kits may change, depending on the size of the kit and the materials that are used to create it.

    Pole Barn Design Software

    Pole barn kits are not for everyone. Rather than paying the excess costs associated with hiring a professional contractor to design and/or build your pole barn, many companies who sell pole barn materials offer pole barn design software. This software can help design your barn, and then later gives you a prediction of pole barn costs. First, you enter the area code in which you live. This helps to give an accurate estimate of prices of materials in your area. Then, you enter the sizes of your pole barn, as well as what kind of siding, roofing, and poles you are going to use. Next, you enter the number of large doors and entry doors you wish to use on your barn. Finally, you enter customizations, such as whether you would like a loft or additional porches and lean-tos. Once your pole barn has been designed, you can choose whether you want to build the pole barn yourself, or hire a contractor. Based on this information, the pole barn design software will provide a fairly accurate estimate of prices. Some will also suggest where to find materials. If you choose to work with a contractor, they will also provide information on quality contractors offering services at fair prices.

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