How Much Does An RV Cost?

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    If a family likes freedom, the openness of the road and the feeling of bringing their home with them, there is probably no better experience than the RV. It is a massive vehicle that nonetheless combines the freedom of the road with the portable qualities of the dwelling place.

    However, RV ownership, and RV prices, will involve a very special set of rules and applications in order to accommodate the new lifestyle; in addition, some find RV cost prohibitively expensive to maintain the vehicle. RV prices are not going down anytime soon.

    Average Price Of An RV

    Anyone asking an average price of anything is looking at a huge spectrum of RV prices; imagine someone asking “how much is a car?” and getting a single straight answer. RV cost is generally reckoned, nationwide, on the basis of the numerous styles, types and sizes of recreational vehicles. Generally, RV cost for very basic vehicles might begin at around $5,000 (usually not much cheaper than this for a quality vehicle) for a basic overnight sleeper with cooking facilities.

    There is also the other end of the rainbow, the rich end where the RV prices can run up to $1,000,000 and more; these are basically land-locked yachts, gorgeous palaces on wheels that are used by the rich all year round.

    RV Manufacturers

    There are hundreds of RV manufacturers around the USA with brand names such as Air Stream, Gulf Stream and Safari, but the vehicles themselves can be grouped in a limited number of classifications.  Travel trailers, for example, are the least expensive RVs, going from $9,000 to $75,000, and these are followed by the higher designation of the Fifth Wheel RV, which runs from $10,000 to $80,000.

    Class C motor homes are where RV prices get serious: these are the basic sleeper and kitchen models that can start at a low end of $50K and run up to $100K. The cost of an RV in class A, where the luxury models begin, will run around $100K to start, and can rise to a million and beyond easily.

    Buying a used RV will lower RV cost considerably, since one can save 30% and more off the sticker price even if the RV is only a year old.

    RV Cost Of Ownership

    In addition to the cost of an RV, the RV cost of ownership must usually be taken into consideration; this is the cost of an RV for maintenance, licensure and yearly expenses. For example, a fairly inexpensive class C RV can run $600 and more for a yearly classification payment; perhaps $100 for insurance, as well as vehicular maintenance, camping and campground fees (usually between $10 and $25 a night) and all the expenses of food and travel that usually go with extended road trips.

    In fees alone, most RV owners can look at $250 to $500 a year in RV cost of ownership.

    RV Wrap Cost

    An RV wrap, which can be as colorful as a business promotion or a low-key low-color design just for looks, will usually wrap the entire vehicle, or be a “partial” applied to windows and sides. Generally speaking, a partial wrap on most RVs will run from $500 to $2500; a full wrap, depending on the size of the vehicle and polyurethane material used, can run from $2000 to $5000 added to RV prices.

    RV Painting Cost

    Generally speaking, most RV designs and etchings, including detail of driver doors, can be done for around $500 to $1000 per job; etching, primer and RV (Sherwin Williams) paint applied all over the vehicle can run between $1500 and $3000 depending on vehicle size; bear in mind it can also take up to three weeks to complete the paint job.

    RV Roof And Rubber Roof Replacement Cost

    One cannot travel the road without wear and tear, and that applies to the polyurethane or rubber roofs that house RVs; these may need replacement once every five to ten years, unless the RV does a LOT of traveling. The general price range for an RV graded polyurethane roof is between $4000 and $5000 to replace; a new rubber roof can run between $6000 and $8000. some consumers who are extremely handy can complete it with their own roofing rubber materials (available on special order at auto stores), and finish the job for $900 or less.

    RV Tire Prices

    RV tires are comparable to most automotive tires, although fifth-wheelers obviously need to maintain five of them; however, the general price range for a tire that will fit a standard class C RV will run between $200 and $450, depending on vehicle make and model. TireBuyer, Sears, Meineke and numerous other websites online offer special bargains on RV tires that can keep the cost of an RV down to a workable charge.

    RV Storage Cost

    Sooner or later, a consumer is going to need to store his RV for the winter unless he’s lucky enough to have a year round climate; these individuals can look to add to their RV cost by a monthly storage fee. RV prices for storage usually run between $80 a month and $120 a month; anything larger is probably a luxury haven, or a rip off for unsuspecting RV customers. One should obviously make sure that the storage facility is secure, fenced and hopefully maintained 24/7 with active security.

    RV Insurance Cost

    An RV’s insurance rate for the year depends on the amount of time it is actually on the road. Usually, one month and less for an RV (even though a consumer who spends that little time in a recreational vehicle makes one question why he/she needs it) will yield an insurance rate of around $300 to $400 a year added to RV prices; a year-round or six-month vehicular operation insurance rate will probably balance out between $400 and $800 a year in RV cost, depending on the amount of driving, the number of drivers, the neighborhood where it is kept (safe from burglary) and the newness of the vehicle.

    RV Financing

    A web visit will yield hundreds of financial institutions and RV dealerships, all willing to finance an RV for monthly payments between $300 lowest end to around $2000 for luxury models.

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