How Much Does Skydiving Certification Cost?

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    Every year millions of people take the plunge and skydive for the very first time. These people fall into every age category and professional group. Many people think that skydiving is dangerous. However, skydiving is a relatively safe sport when compared to other sports. In fact, more people are injured playing ball every year than are injured skydiving. According to legislation on the sport any person can parachute out of a plane but most skydiving companies require jumpers to be at least 18 years old before they are allowed to jump. On the other side of the coin there is no upper age limit. People of all ages jump each year. In order to jump you will need to pay for the cost of skydiving training and the cost of skydiving equipment. After you have successfully completed your training, you receive certification so that you can jump at any skydiving center.

    Skydive Training

    There are three types of training for skydiving: tandem, static line, and accelerated free fall training.

    Each method uses different strategies to teach the subject proper jumping techniques. You will pay a different cost for each of these training methods. Expect tandem skydiving training cost to run from $120 to $250.With this training method you will jump while attached to an instructor. Expect to pay an additional tip to the instructor when training is over. The static line skydiving training cost usually runs from $20-$30 dollars, and accelerated free fall methods usually run about $1,500 for 7-10 jumps. As you can see skydiving training costs are actually quite reasonable. In fact, there are several ways that you can save on your skydiving certification cost and training costs.

    Skydive Certification Cost

    You can expect to pay $700 to $1,500 for skydiving certification. Part of this skydiving certification cost depends on whether or not you purchase your gear as part of the course or rent it for every class. In most cases your skydiving certification is valid for a set amount of years. When your license is close to expiring you will need to complete a refresher course to renew your license. This helps you stay up to date on any rules and regulations that are implemented in the sport. After all, things do change over time and you need to stay up to date.

    Skydiving License Cost

    Your skydiving license cost is usually included in the cost of your training. However, some companies do charge an additional fee of $25 – $50 for the actual document. You will also pay a fee to renew your license. However, the cost of skydiving training is what is most expensive when trying to become certified. If you are looking to save money on the cost of skydiving certification you should try to join a group that is getting certified or you can train during winter months when most companies offer a lower rate. In most cases you will pay less if you train as part of a group. This is because the cost of the plane and pilot can be divided amongst several people. You will also pay an extra fee if you want your jumps to be video taped. There are several things that you can omit from your package to save money on your training.

    How To Get A Skydiving License

    Basic skydiving training is made up of a series of classes and jumps. In most cases you will need to complete 10-15 jumps with an instructor before you are allowed to jump on your own. However, you will need to complete several more jumps if you wish to reach level seven. Although, once you have become experienced as a skydiver you can even become certified to teach other people. Of course, this requires a separate license but once it is obtained you could actually get paid to teach what you love making skydiving certification cost a distant memory.

    As you can see there is a great deal to learn about skydiving. If you simply want to jump once, you can jump attached to an instructor and enjoy the feeling of free fall. However, if you plan to take up the sport, there are many classes to take and tricks to learn. Many people try to save money on the course by renting equipment. However, if you plan to take up the sport for a long period of time the cost of skydiving equipment would be lower if you purchased your own. You can also ask around and see if anyone wants to create a skydiving group if you want to save on skydiving cost. You may be amazed that your neighbors are just as interested as you are.

    Skydiving Certification Requirements

    The Federal Aviation Administration has developed rules that govern the sport of skydiving. However, they allow the industry to regulate itself. Therefore the U. S. Parachute Association is the one who sets the standards which govern what is required to become certified in the sport of skydiving. When training, make sure you choose a USPA certified instruction center. The center should offer several classes and options for obtaining your certification at a reasonable skydiving certification cost. There are seven levels that you can go through when you are training to skydive. You can either pay the skydive training cost for each level or buy a complete package for all four levels. In most cases you can save on total skydiving certification cost if you purchase a package deal in advance.

    Skydiving Certification Levels

    Each company charges a different cost for skydiving training. There are seven levels that you can pay for. With some companies you can pay a separate cost for level one, levels 2-3, and levels 4-7. For example, you might pay around $300 for level one training. This training includes your gear rental and four to six hours of training with two instructors.  Levels 2-3 training includes gear rental, radio coaching, 2 instructors, lateral movement, and post dive review for the cost of approximately $200. Levels 4-7 require training in flip and barrel rolls, diving exit procedure, and you will receive one instructor as well as gear rental. Upon completion of these seven levels and stomaching the total skydiving certification cost you will receive a maximum certification certificate.

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