How Much Do Braces Cost?

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    Braces are used by both children and adults to fix numerous dental problems such as gaps between teeth, crooked teeth and overbite. According to Oral-B the typical cost of braces is around $6000; however, prices can be as low as $2500 and as high as $13,000. The price of braces depends on many factors such as what type of braces are used, the condition of the teeth, how long the braces need to be worn for, and if braces are needed on both the upper and lower teeth. The general cost of braces is also affected by location and orthodontist; orthodontists vary in price and those located in large metropolitan cities are often more expensive than those in rural areas. Additionally, the typical cost of braces varies from adults to children; adult braces tend to cost more than children braces do. Insurance or lack of insurance also affects the general cost of braces. The typical cost of braces includes not only the braces, but also multiple visits to the orthodontists for readjustments.

    Cost of Braces for Children

    The average cost of braces for children is less than it is for adults. Braces for children tend to be less expensive than braces for adults due to the fact that children generally have to wear them for less time than adults do. In addition, they are also cheaper due to the condition of the teeth; adults are more likely to have to have work done to their teeth, such as having cavities filled, prior to the braces being put on. The average cost of braces for children, according to Colgate, ranges from $3000-$8000. Prices vary depending on what type of braces are used, the orthodontist, location, the condition of the teeth and how many dental appointments are required. Most insurance policies cover at least some of the cost of braces for children; however, they may not cover all the cost and may only cover certain types of braces. Depending on location, there may also be Government programs to help with costs.

    Cost of Braces for Adults

    Braces work just as well for adults as they do for children; however, adults generally have to wear their braces longer than children do to achieve the desired results. The average cost of braces for adults tends to be higher than the average cost of braces for children. Braces generally cost more for adults than children due to treatment times and the extra teeth care required before the braces are put on. The average cost of braces for adults is around $7000; however, costs can be as low as $3000 or as high as $13,000. The majority of adults want invisible braces, which range in price from $5000-$13,000. Most insurance plans do not cover braces for people above 18 years of age.

    Cost of Braces with Insurance

    Most dental insurance plans and some health plans cover at least some of the costs of braces; however, many insurance plans only cover children 18 years and younger, and do not cover adult braces. Some insurance plans do not cover orthodontic work at all; however, orthodontic insurance is often available at an additional cost to supplement an existing plan. Most insurance plans do not cover the entire cost of braces, usually they cover about 30-50%. Many insurance plans also have a maximum that can be spent, this is often $1500-$2000 per person. The cost of braces with orthodontic insurance ranges in prices from $1500-$11,000, depending on the type of braces, condition of the teeth, location and dentist. The average cost of braces with orthodontic insurance is around $3000. For those who are covered by Medicaid, braces may be covered if they are medically necessary.

    Cost of Braces without Insurance

    How much do braces cost without insurance? Anywhere from $2500-$13,000, depending on the type of braces, the condition of the teeth, and if braces are needed for both the upper and lower teeth. Prices also vary greatly from one location to another, and different orthodontists charge different amounts. Those without insurance should shop around. Some dentists offer a payment plan and many are willing to negotiate costs especially for patients paying in cash. If the braces are considered a medical necessity, the cost of the braces is tax deductible.

    Different Types of Braces

    There are several different types of braces available; metal, ceramic, lingual, and Invisalign. Typically, metal and ceramic braces are the cheapest, while lingual and Invisalign braces are the most expensive. Lingual and Invisalign braces tend to be 20-50% more costly than metal or ceramic braces are.

    Invisible Braces Cost

    Invisble braces are clear removable braces that are generally removed while eating, teeth brushing and flossing. They are clear or “invisible” so not as obvious as metal braces are. Invisible braces are especially good for people with lesser dental problems. Many people wonder how much do invisible braces cost. Generally invisible braces are more expensive than metal or ceramic braces. Without insurance, they range in price from $3000-$7000; however, they average $5000-$7000. Prices of course vary depending on the overall condition of the teeth, the patients location and the dentist. 3M carries some of these hidden braces.

    Lingual Braces Cost

    Lingual braces are also called “concealed” braces. They attach to the back of the teeth so are not visible. Lingual braces are difficult to put in, making them one of the most expensive types of braces. Some dentist do not offer them. They are not well suited for smaller mouths, causing speech problems and tongue irritation. They are not well suited for children. So, how much do lingual braces cost? Anywhere from $8000-$13,000 without insurance, depending on location, orthodontist and teeth condition.

    Ceramic Braces Cost

    Ceramic braces are like metal braces, but they are teeth color, so not as noticeable as metal braces are.    They look nicer than metal braces do, but are not as sturdy and tend to break more easily. They also get stained easily and require more care than metal braces do. Ceramic braces are one of the least expensive types of braces available. They tend to be slightly more expensive than metal braces are, yet are cheaper than invisible, Lingual or Invisalign braces. Ceramic braces cost from $4000-$8000, without insurance. However, their average cost without insurance is around $4500.

    Porcelain Braces Cost

    Porcelain braces are exactly the same as ceramic braces. They have all the same pros and cons as ceramic braces have and are generally the same price. Without insurance, porcelain braces cost from $4000-$8000, with the average price being about $4500.


    There are several different types of branded braces. Some of the most popular are Visaline, Damon, SureSmile, Incognito and Ice. Visaline braces cost about the same as Damon braces do. Damon braces cost from $3500-$8000, with an average of around $5000. SureSmile braces cost about 10% more than regular braces cost. SureSmile braces require less dentist visits for maintenance and usually do the job faster than traditional braces do, allowing the patient to get them removed eaarlier. SureSmile technology is relatively new and not available at all dentist offices. Incognito braces cost more than traditional braces cost. They range in price from $8000-$10,000 without insurance. They are one of the most comfortable types of braces on the market today. Ice braces cost about the same as Incognito braces do. They are also one of the more comfortable types of braces available.

    Do I Need Braces?

    Both children and adults can benefit from wearing braces. Those with gaps between their teeth, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, an overbite or under-bite should talk to their dentist about getting braces. Braces can also help those with jaw problems. The best time to have braces put on is around seven years old; however, they will work for older children and adults too. Most orthodontists offer a free consultation and will happily discuss the different types of braces and options. Teeth in need of braces are often hard to keep clean and more prone to tooth decay, braces not only improve appearance, they are important part of maintaining healthy teeth.


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