How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

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    Replacement windows can be very expensive, especially if homeowners are replacing several windows. The cost of replacing windows varies depending on the size and style of window, what its frame is made of, and if homeowners do the installation themselves or hire a contractor to do it for them. The type of window glass used also affects replacement windows cost.

    Generally, window replacement cost ranges from $300-$3000 per window, withoutinstallation. The cost with installation ranges from $350-$3600 each; the cost of replacement window installation ranges from $50-$600 per window. The cost of replacing windows made of vinyl ranges from $300-$700 each, without installation.Wood replacement windows are $300-$1500 per window, without installation. Aluminum replacement windows are $500-$900 per window, without installation.Without installation, double hung replacement windows are $300-$500 each. Withoutinstallation, sash replacement windows are $800-$2000 each, depending on their size and style

    Average Cost

    Average replacement window cost ranges from $400-$600 per window, plus an additional $200 each for installation. However, this cost can be as low as $300 to as high as $3000 for each window depending on its style, type and size. Average window replacement installation cost is around $200 per window; however, it can be as low as $50 to as high as $600.

    Replacement Window Manufacturers

    There are numerous different replacement window manufacturers for homeowners to choose from. Some manufacturers specialize in one type of window, while others offer a variety of different types. Replacement window manufacturers are generally very competitive in their prices and most only vary by a few dollars. Some of the most popular manufacturers are Anderson Windows, Marvin Windows and Doors, Sunrise Windows, Ply Gem Windows, and Hurd Windows and Doors.

    Cost By Manufacturer

    Anderson Windows

    Anderson Windows is one of the most popular brands of replacement windows in North America. Anderson offers a wide variety of different types, sizes and styles of replacement windows. Anderson replacement windows are $300-$3000 per window,without installation. With installation, Anderson replacement windows are $350-$3600 each.

    Marvin Windows And Doors

    Marvin Windows and Doors is one of Anderson Windows’ biggest competitors; they are also one of the most popular brands of replacement windows in North America. Marvin replacement windows cost much the same as Anderson replacement windows. The cost of replacement windows from Marvin ranges from $300-$3000 per window withoutinstallation. With installation, Marvin replacement windows cost from $350-$3600 each.

    Cost By Type


    Vinyl replacement windows cost less than most of the other types of replacement windows. The cost of replacing windows made of vinyl ranges from $300-$700 per window, without installation.  Vinyl window replacement cost with installation ranges from $350-$1300 each.


    Wood replacement windows are the most popular type of replacement windows. Wood replacement windows are $300-$1500 per window, without installation, depending on size and style. Wood windows are $350-$2100 per window with installation, depending on the size and style of the window, and on the contractor.


    Aluminum replacement windows are not the most energy efficient type of windows; however, they are still moderately popular. Aluminum replacement windows are $500-$900 per window without installation. Aluminum windows are $550-$1500 per windowwith installation.

    Double Hung

    Double hung windows are one of the cheapest and most popular types of windows in North America. Without installation, double hung replacement windows are $300-$500 each. With installation, double hung window cost ranges from $350-$1100 each.

    Energy Efficient

    Energy efficient replacement windows save homeowners money of their heating and cooling costs. Energy efficient replacement window costs vary greatly depending on the type, style and size of the window; they are available in wood, vinyl, double hung, bay or bow. Without installation, energy efficient windows are $400-$3000 each. Withinstallation, energy efficient windows are $450-$3600 each.

    Sash Windows

    Sash windows are more commonly seen in Europe than in North America. Sash windows share a similar appearance with double hung windows; however, sash windows have the appearance of four double hung windows put together side by side. Sash window replacement is more expensive than many of the other types of window replacement.  Without installation, sash windows are $800-$2000 each, depending on their size and style. With installation, sash windows are $850-$2600 per window.

    Measuring For Replacement Windows

    Measuring for replacement windows is a job that homeowners may be able to do themselves. However, it is very important that homeowners do the measuring correctly as exact measurement are needed to get the perfect airtight fit. To get an accurate measurement, homeowners should carefully remove the casing on one side and on the bottom of the window, on the interior side; by doing this it allows homeowner to see the rough window. Measure the window along the side and bottom where the casing has been removed; be sure to double check and triple check the measurements to ensure they are exact. This is known as the “rough opening” measurement. Once measuring is done, the window casing can be lightly tacked back on. On top of the rough opening window measurements, homeowners will also need the wall thickness measurement. Accurate window measurements are mandatory in getting the right size replacement windows. Many homeowners prefer to pay a professional to ensure the measurements are exact.

    Buy Replacement Windows Online

    Homeowners can save money on the cost of replacing windows by shopping online. By shopping online, homeowners have a wider range of stores to shop at and can order replacement windows from a different state or even country. However, there are some drawbacks to shopping online as product photos can be misleading or hard to see fine details on, and the cost of shipping can significantly increase the cost of the replacement windows so they end up costing more than purchasing at a local home improvement store. In addition, online purchases can be difficult to return if a homeowner makes a mistake when ordering. Homeowners can save significantly on replacement windows by shopping online; however, they should shop careful, read over the online store shipping and return policy, and if purchasing from another country confirm possible duty charges before purchasing.

    Window Replacement Parts

    Window replacement parts vary in price depending on the size, type and style of the part. A window sill for an average size home window costs from $15-$40 depending on its style and what it is made from. New window screens range in price from $20-$60 depending on size and type. The cost of replacing window hardware like locks, cranks, and latches ranges from $2-$20. Replacement parts for large bay or bow windows cost significantly more.

    Window Glass Replacement Cost

    Window glass replacement cost varies greatly depending on the size and shape of the window. It also varies depending on the type of glass used. Window glass replacement cost ranges from $50-$2000 each. Bay and bow window glass replacements are the most expensive, costing from $1000-$2000. Replacing the glass in windows with energy efficient glass will increase the overall cost by $50-$200 each.

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