How Much Does A Garbage Disposal Cost?

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    We are all looking for all kinds of ways to reduce the amount of waste that we put in landfills.  One method you may not have considered is installing a garbage disposal, which is installed in your sink to chop up waste food so the pieces are small enough to be washed away through your plumbing.  They have the added bonus of keeping your sink from becoming clogged, reducing potential plumbing jobs.  If you are considering buying one of these units, you may want to know how much you will spend on new garbage disposal cost.

    How Much Will Garbage Disposal Replacement Cost?

    If you already have a broken or poorly-functioning garbage disposal, you may want to look into replacement garbage disposal prices.  The nationwide average in the U.S. for this procedure runs from $270 to $350, on average.  Commercial units may run up to almost $1000. This cost includes material and local labor, finish quality, and job complexity.  These prices will change depending on where you live, the wages of your local labor, and the unit you wish to install, in addition to the difficulty of removing the original disposal unit.  Licensed, reputable, and insured service providers will usually charge towards the upper end of this estimate, especially when they must complete a complex, small, or rush job.  Do some research to find a qualified professional, and get bids from several in order to choose the best one to meet your needs.  The most expensive professional will not always be the best, but with some research, you can find someone to do the work at a reasonable cost of garbage disposal replacement.

    What Is Average Garbage Disposal Installation Cost?

    In the United States in 2001, the average price to install a new garbage disposal ran from around $105 to $140 dollars for each unit.  This garbage disposal installation price depends on the material cost and local labor, finish quality, and job complexity.  Again, the price is also dependent on whether the professional is licensed, bonded, and insured.  The price will include the purchase cost, storage and delivery of the unit, connectors, fasteners, hardware, and other installation materials, the cost for disposing and hauling of debris from the project, transportation costs to and from your job site, equipment and tool costs, and equipment to protect the existing finishes, components, and materials.  If you need to add or modify an existing disposal, plumbing, or electrical systems, you should expect to pay more.  You will probably also need to pay for inspection and permit fees required by your local building office.  If a general contractor will be in charge of the project, add 12% to 18% for contractor fees as an addition to the garbage disposal cost.

    What Is Average Garbage Disposal Repair Cost?

    To fix a unit, the usual garbage disposal price for repairs usually runs between $80 and $110 for each disposal.  Your location, the price of your labor, materials, and the complexity of the job will dictate the actual garbage disposal repair cost.  However, many repairs can be made on your own if you have the proper instruction.  There are many websites and videos online that will show you how to repair the unit without calling a plumber.  If you do not feel that you can successfully fix the piece, it will be worth it to pay the garbage disposal repair cost to include the cost for equipment and tools, the cost for materials to protect your existing finishes, components, and materials, and the costs to travel to and from your job site.

    What Are Some Garbage Disposal Prices If I Need A Replacement?

    When you are looking for a garbage disposal for your home, it is important to consider how large a unit you need, which features you want, and whether you have a septic tank.  Disposals come in continuous feed and batch feed models. The batch feed models operate if the disposal lid is closed and you activate the unit.  Continuous speed models turn on with a switch and will run until you turn the unit off.  The more powerful the units garner higher garbage disposal prices.

    There are many brands that you can research to find the best one to fit your needs, and they have many different features.  For instance, the Insinkerator Garbage Disposal may cost up to $360, but it has excellent reviews for its advanced technology and quiet working modes.  Waste King garbage disposals, which can cost up to $170, are also reviewed well as powerful and energy efficient units.  Kitchenaid garbage disposals are popular, too, and may cost up to $120. These feature a continuous feed disposer so you can continue to add food waste without turning it off.  The differences between these brands can include their amounts of power, whether they perform quietly, and many other features.

    If you are looking for a fast, easy way to be rid of kitchen waste and have less garbage, the cost of a garbage disposal could easily pay for itself very quickly.  By choosing the best model for your home, this is an inexpensive way to be a little friendlier on the environment!

    What Will I Pay For A Garbage Disposal Flange?

    If you decide to repair the garbage disposal on your own, a flange may be the problem you need to fix.  A flange will cost a few dollars at your local hardware or home repair store, and is mounted with a mounting ring.  The flange is an area where your garbage disposal is most likely to leak.  This means you need to tighten the three bolts that hold it in place and you may need some plumber’s putty to fill in around the sink connection.  When your disposal is leaking, the flange could be the cause.  This repair is best left to a professional; however, you can fix it yourself with some plumbing knowledge.

    What Is Needed To Fix A Garbage Disposal Air Switch?

    An air switch in a garbage disposal is used to turn on the unit.  Using air to control it, it is safe because there’s no electrical current.  It usually consists of a plunger-type button that can be installed to the countertop or sink with an easy installation or replacement job.  This switch can become damaged easily, but fixing it is inexpensive and quick.  You will just need a rubber gasket, screwdriver, plastic bolt, garbage disposal switch, drill, and cutter.  First you will need to uninstall the disposal air switch by unscrewing it to pull it out.  Next, you will mount the new switch with the rubber gasket on the counter or sink top.  Tighten the plastic screws below the surface to fix the gasket in place.  Next, you will attach the rubber tubing to the bottom of your sink. One end of the tube will attach to the switch and the other will go into a converter at the sink space.  If there are any leaks when you are finished, plug them with plumbing putty.

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