How Much Does A Home Security System Cost?

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    Home security systems range in price from $100-$10,000. The average homeowner spends around $800-$1200 on a home security system. Home security system cost varies greatly depending on the type and brand of the security system. Wireless security systems cost less than wired security systems. Security system cost is also affected by how basic or advanced the system is and how much of the house it covers. A basic security system costs far less than an advanced system does. Most security systems come with one or two monitor sensors; additional sensors cost around $100-$150. Security systems that are monitored by a security company cost around $50 per month. Having a good quality security system not only gives homeowners peace of mind, but can also save them money on their home insurance.

    Average Cost Of A Home Security System

    Average home security system cost is around $1000. However, cost varies greatly depending on the brand and extent of protection the system provides. The average cost of a very basic home security system is around $100-$400. An average quality home security system is around $500-$1500. A good quality system costs around $1500-$2000. An excellent quality system can cost $5000-$10,000 or more.

    Home Security Systems Monthly Cost

    Home security systems that are sold and installed by a home security company offer 24 hour monitoring of the security system. Home security systems that offer 24 hour monitoring of the system offer homeowners far more security than a system that is not monitored by a security company. However, home security systems that are constantly monitored by a security company charge a monthly fee of $30-$125. The average monthly cost is $50. Home security system monthly cost varies per Security Company, the size of house being monitored and the amount of monitors set up in the house. Some home security companies offer customers free installation of the home security system if they sign a 1-2 year contract. Monthly home security cost is usually higher in large metropolitan cities than in smaller cities and towns.

    Wireless Home Security Systems

    Wireless home security systems cost less than wired systems. Wireless systems cost less because they are easier to install, and because they are not as reliable as wired systems. Wireless home security systems are often affected by thunderstorms and are far easier for thieves to bypass than wired systems. Wireless home security system cost is usually $200-$500 less than wired home security cost. Wireless security systems are a popular choice for DIY home security projects.

    DIY Home Security Systems

    DIY installation of a security system costs less than having a contractor install it. Average DIY wireless home security system cost is S100-$250. Average DIY wired home security cost is around $200-$400. DIY wireless security systems are moderately easy for homeowners to install themselves. However, wired DIY home security systems can be difficult to install and beyond some homeowner’s experience.

    How Much Do Security Cameras Cost?

    Cameras for security systems cost from $100-$2000 per camera, depending on the size, brand and style of the camera. Security camera cost also varies per location and where the camera is purchased from. An average quality security camera ranges in price from $100-$250. More high tech security cameras like hidden camera or moving cameras cost from $500-$2000.

    Security Camera Installation Cost

    Security camera installation cost is around $200-$300 per camera. However, the cost of installation of cameras for home security varies greatly depending on the installation company and the type of camera. Some security camera installation companies offer a discount when multiple cameras are installed at once. Security companies that monitor their security cameras often do not charge for installation of their camera when customers sign a 1-2 year contract.

    Honeywell Home Security Systems

    Honeywell home security offers a wide variety of wireless home security systems to fit every homeowners needs. Honeywell security systems are pet friendly and are usable in homes with dogs up to 100 pounds. Honeywell home security system cost is more than GE home security system cost; however, Honeywell home security systems have better customer reviews for reliability than GE home security systems do. Honeywell home security systems cost from $400-$2000 depending on the system. For an average size home, Honeywell security systems cost around $400-$500. A basic Honeywell security system comes with sensors for windows and doors, a motion sensor, keypad, control panel and a smoke alarm. For a large home that requires a lot of coverage, Honeywell home security systems can cost up to $2000 or more after homeowners purchase the required extra security equipment. Honeywell home security sells extra monitor sensors for around $140 each. Honeywell security systems are also available for commercial buildings.

    GE Home Security Systems

    GE offers wireless home security systems. GE has many different home security systems to fit different homeowner’s needs. GE security systems can be installed by the homeowner or a contractor can be hired to install them. GE home security systems cost from $100-$1000. Basic GE security systems cost from $100-$300, while deluxe systems cost from $400-$1000. GE sells extra monitors for their home security systems for around $100 each.

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