How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

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    Cleaning the gutters of your home is one household task that is necessary, but that no one likes to perform.  If there are many trees around your home, you may need to clean your gutters once a year, if not more.  If you have decided you no longer wish to climb the ladder and take care of the problem yourself, you may be considering having a professional service come to your home.  But how much does gutter cleaning cost?

    What Is The Average Cost Of Gutter Cleaning?

    Depending on your location, the size of your home, and the intricacy of your gutter system, gutter cleaning cost can fluctuate. Depending on the services they offer, gutter cleaners can charge anywhere from $35 to $150.  You may only pay the lower rate if your home is small or one story.  Flatter roofs will also cost less because the gutters are not used as strenuously.  These jobs are quick and easy for contractors to complete.  Homeowners with multistory homes, long guttering systems, or steep roofs put the contractor in more danger in order to clean the gutters, so these will be towards the higher end of gutter cleaning prices.  If your home is somewhere between these two descriptions, you will most likely pay around $75 to cover the gutter cleaning cost.

    How Does A Contractor Estimate Gutter Cleaning Service Cost?

    Your contractor will determine the cost of gutter cleaning by the job or the hour.  The first hour will be the most expensive,and this makes travel time cost-effective.  Most contractors recommend that you combine other projects into a single trip so you will pay for the most expensive first hour only once.  If the contractor charges gutter cleaning cost by the job, they will most likely have been in business long enough to look at your house and know how much it should cost.  If you live in a neighborhood with many similar houses, consider gathering your neighbors and find out if the contractor will charge less to clean everyone’s gutters in the same day.  You may be able to negotiate their gutter cleaning prices.

    What Are The Advantages Of Gutter Protection Systems?

    If your house is surrounded by trees, a gutter protection system may be an excellent solution to prevent clogged downspouts and gutters.  You can lower the cost of gutter cleaning services if pine needles, leaves, seeds, and other debris cannot get into your gutters.  The two types of gutter guards are covers and screens.  The screens allow water to filter through while keeping large debris from entering.  These are made from metal mesh, nylon, aluminum, or foam and are less durable than gutter covers.  However, they are much cheaper and easier to install.  They are placed inside the gutter or along the top.  Gutter covers are more difficult to install, larger, and are made from aluminum, copper, or thick plastic.  These rest on top of the gutters and keep all debris from going in, but do not permit as much water during heavy rainstorms.

    A clean, effective gutter system can add value to your home as it reduces or eliminates water damage and other problems which may affect the interior and exterior of your structure.  Considering how much it costs to fix these problems after they have occurred, the cost of gutter cleaning is relatively low.  Whether you decide to pay for professional gutter cleaning services or just do it yourself, some preparation and the right tools can keep your gutters and downspouts flowing freely.

    Which Tools Will I Need To Clean My Home’s Gutters Myself?

    If you have decided to skip the gutter cleaning cost and take care of the issue yourself, you can keep your gutters from overflowing or clogging.  First, you will need a sturdy ladder to reach the gutters.  Choose your ladder depending on your weight, as aluminum ladders can hold up to 200 to 250 pounds.  A fiberglass ladder can hold from 250 to more than 300 pounds.  A 24’ to 28’ ladder will reach 2 to 2 ½ stories.  If your gutters are on the first level, a ten-foot A-frame ladder will be effective.  You will also need gloves, a gutter cleaning rake, a square bucket that has a handle, a safety harness, and safety line if you will be on a very high or steep roof.  Gutter cleaning rakes cost less than $25, and they can make the job much easier as you can maneuver around windows and don’t have to be so close to the roof edge.  You may also need a tool to unclog downspouts – an elongated hanger can be effective for this job and will save you on the cost of gutter cleaning.  A hose allows you to flush the downspouts. While you are up there, you may want to take a hammer and nails to fix any loose gutters or downspouts, along with a Phillips screwdriver and a flathead.  To fill nail holes or to patch the gutters, use a sealer. Taking care of all these problems at once can prevent higher gutter cleaning prices in the future and protect your house at the same time.

    How To Clean Gutters

    If you are cleaning your own gutters and downspouts to save on gutter cleaning cost, here are a few tips to help make the job easier and faster.  The easiest gutters to clean are usually on the front of your house, so you will want to start there. Once you are on your roof or on the ladder, simply bend down and clean the gutters with your hands or your raking tool.  Take a bucket with you so you have a place to put the dead leaves, pine needles, and dirt.  A gutter snake or toilet snake can also make the job faster as it will effortlessly unclog your downspouts.  To reach further away, you can use an extension on your gutter rake so you don’t have to keep moving your ladder.  If you are two or more stories up, you will want to use a safety harness and safety line.  Never go on your roof if it has ice coverage.  Use a hose to rinse out dirt and other small items as you work, and the job will take less time. Cleaning these systems regularly can help lower gutter cleaning prices later.

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