How Much Does It Cost To Detail A Car?

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    Car detailing prices depend in large part on the amount of work being done. Some people have their cars detailed on a regular basis, while others only have them detailed on special occasions. Still others display their cars at car shows.  Detailing an automobile includes much more than merely washing and waxing the exterior of the vehicle.  The car is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, from top to bottom.

    Average Cost Of Car Detailing

    Automobile detailing is offered by most car wash shops and auto body repair shops.  There are some businesses that specialize in detailing cars.  Some of these businesses are actual shops, while others are mobile units.  Another option still is the private individuals who do this kind of work on the side, or set up temporary locations wherever they can get a water hook up.  Car detailing cost can be fairly standard even though the businesses that do this work can be so vastly different.  The cost of a basic detailing package for a passenger car runs just about $60.  Car detailing prices increase with the size of the vehicle.  Larger vehicles, such as large passenger cars, mini vans, and sport utility vehicles are more expensive with a car detailing cost of about $90.

    What Is Car Detailing?

    Car detailing is more than just an in depth car wash.  Car detailing services can also include rust and dent removal.  The cost of car detailing dent removal is $80 on average.  However, car detailing prices will vary according to the size and location of the dent.  Typically, car detailing includes a hand wash and wax, tire cleaning, steam cleaning the interior, and cleaning and protecting all vinyl or leather surfaces inside the car.  Detailing also includes cleaning the windows, mirrors, and trim.  Some detailers will take care of minor cosmetic repairs, such as chipped or scratched paint, or rust spots and small dents.

    Car Detailing Services

    The businesses that do car detailing come in all shapes and sizes. Some are national companies that offer a menu of car washing and detailing services, as well as other minor car maintenance services.  Their car detailing prices are advertised on the internet.  There are smaller companies as well that offer these services.  Some car detail companies double as small used car dealers. They will purchase damaged used cars, repair and detail them, and resell them for a profit.  A cost advantage for using a detailing company is that they often offer a discount on car detailing cost for repeat customers, or multi car discounts for fleet operators.  Perhaps the most economical avenue is to use private individuals who operate their own detailing businesses, often out of their own homes or garages.  They offer car detailing prices that are made to compete with the larger businesses, and they provide a more personalized level of service.

    Mobile Detailing Prices

    A new entrant into this business is the mobile car detailing business.  In this business model, the car detailer comes to wherever your car is with all the equipment and material he or she needs.  These businesses offer a very convenient alternative for people who do not have the time to take their car somewhere to be detailed.  Despite the added value of convenience, the cost of car detailing from a mobile business is roughly the same as anywhere else.  These entrepreneurs get started in this business with relatively low start- up costs, and gradually build their businesses from a part time gig during nights and weekends to a full time job.  Some people run their mobile businesses out of a cargo van, while others simply use a trailer to haul around their car detailing equipment.  Services from these mobile detailing units might be limited due to the amount of equipment they can carry with them.

    Car Interior Detailing Cost

    People who are generally very attentive about how the exterior of their car looks often overlook the interior.  The interior can get dirty fast, and the longer you wait the harder it is to clean.  Dirt can build up on the carpet floor and settle in very deep.  Some people who work at jobs where floors can get wet and dirty, like a restaurant kitchen, find that the floor of their car gets extremely dirty.  Dirt can also settle into the upholstery.  Dust builds up on the dashboard, especially where it meets the windshield.  If you have kids, you know that spills of food and liquid can also take their toll on the looks of your car interior.  The cost of car detailing the interior adds about $85 for an average sized car.  Larger vehicles can add closer to $150.  Car detailing prices for the interior of a car include hot water extraction or steam cleaning of the carpets, application of a vinyl protectant, and carpet shampoo.

    DIY Car Detailing

    For those who have a keen eye for detail, and a good deal of patience, do it yourself car detailing might be the right choice.  A person can save hundreds of dollars on car detailing cost a year, and still keep their vehicle looking like new, by purchasing their own car detailing products and doing the work themselves.  Car detailing equipment is sold through several online outlets, and can also be found at many auto parts shops.  Some of the equipment can be a little pricey.  Steam cleaners sell for about $300, and you can spend close to $400 on a good rotary polisher.  All of this can pay for itself, in the long run, particularly if you take on some side work detailing other people’s cars and letting them pay for the cost of car detailing for you.

    Car Detailing Tips

    Car detailing cost can vary substantially, so be sure to shop around first. Inquire about multiple car or repeat customer discounts.  Coupon books can also be a great source of savings on the cost of car detailing.  Websites such as Angie’s List and Yelp can be good resources when checking out local car detailing prices.  Also ask about car detailing packages, as some businesses will bundle their services together at a discount to help grow their business.

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