How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car?

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    Nothing can improve the appearance of a car like a new paint job. Many car owners believe that car painting prices are just too expensive to afford. That is not necessarily so. Auto repair shops and auto paint shops routinely run specials on basic paint jobs. These specials lower paint job prices to a level that is affordable for most car owners to consider, and helps the shops to build their businesses.

    Average Paint Job Cost

    Car paint job cost can vary by thousands of dollars. The national low cost chains offer basic work for only about $300. These are basic paint jobs intended to make the car look newer and cover up any scratches that may have occurred. Car painting prices at these national paint shops are low because of the lower end paint and no frills service the shops offer. They also advertise these low paint job prices to entice customers to come into the shop so they can upsell them to a more professional and expensive service with a higher car paint job cost. Auto body shops offer a middle range service. Their car painting prices can be as much as $2000. Custom paint jobs are at the high end of the spectrum of car painting prices. These can run as high as $8000.

    Full Body Paint Job Cost

    Full body paint job prices are much more expensive than just having some scratched panels painted. There is a great deal more prep necessary for a full body paint job. However, a full body paint job might be better in the long run as you won’t have the potential problem of the newly painted panels not matching the rest of the vehicle. Sometimes all that is really needed is some touch up work to repair small scratches or rust spots. In this case, just having a small amount of work done is much more cost effective than painting the entire vehicle.

    How Much Does A Maaco Paint Job Cost?

    Maaco is a national low cost paint shop chain with locations all over the country offering low car paint job cost. They offer very basic services at a very low cost. The average Maaco paint job cost is about $300. This price includes absolutely nothing extra, such as removing of the old coat of paint. The company is able to keep paint job cost low because they use a lower quality paint than the custom detail shops. You might find that you get what you pay for, and the paint job will not last as long as custom work. Still, the convenience of the work Maaco does is self-evident as they are able to return your car to you quickly.

    How Much Does A Good Paint Job Cost?

    You might find that you will be more satisfied paying professional car paint job cost and receiving a better paint job. Most auto body shops will paint your car for about $2000, depending on the size of the vehicle and the extra services needed. Some minor body work might need to be done, for example after a minor fender bender. These car paint job prices are higher because they use a much higher quality paint that tends not to chip or fade as quickly as the low cost chains.

    How Much Does A Custom Paint Job Cost?

    Car painting prices for a custom paint job are your most expensive option. They offer the highest quality paints. They remove all of the old paint, repair any cosmetic damage, apply multiple coats of paint and finish that off with a protective clear coat. Services can also include removing the trim during the painting process and then putting it back on when the job is completed. Engine detailing and the addition of chrome plating might be included as well. Custom paint job cost is typically around $6000, with a high end of $8000 depending on the level of services rendered. Because of the cost, be sure to inquire about a warranty on the work provided.

    How Much Does A Candy Paint Job Cost?

    Candy paint job cost is at the high end of the spectrum of car painting prices. Candy paints are some of the most expensive automotive paints, as are metallic flake and pearl paints. These paints can cost several hundred dollars per quart, and it takes at least a gallon to cover an entire car. Then you add to that cost the cost of primer, clear coat, and the labor involved.  Candy paint job prices fall in the range of several thousands of dollars, but the end result is absolutely striking.

    How Much Does A Flat Black Paint Job Cost?

    Matte black paint job cost will be more if it entails a color change for your vehicle. The original color needs to be removed first for the job to look professional. Flat black paint is a striking look for any vehicle, and a rare find. Flat black paint is a good look for high performance vehicles. However, for cars that are driven daily, a satin black finish would make much more sense. Black paint has a disadvantage as it tends to show scratches and dents more than other colors. For the same price, you can choose a different color that would not be as high maintenance. The uniqueness of the flat black color could adversely affect the car’s resale value as well.

    Chameleon Paint Job Cost

    Chameleon paint jobs are some of the most attractive choices out there. Chameleon paints allow your car to seem to change color. This is called color flipping, or color flop. Chameleon work is pricey, as it requires more prep work and an expert hand to mix and apply the paint properly. When done correctly, the color of the vehicle seems to change as you walk around it. Chameleon car paint job cost can be upwards of $10,000.

    Motorcycle Paint Job Cost

    Motorcycles paint jobs are much less expensive than car painting prices because the area to be painted is much smaller. To save money, many people opt to do this work themselves. Because of the smaller paintable area of a motorcycle, this is quite feasible. A custom two stage paint job will cost only about $500. A do it yourself job can cost only about $100 if you already have the proper equipment. More detailed custom work can cost as much as $2000.

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