How Much Do Brakes Cost?

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    Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Not being able to start your car is a severe inconvenience. Not being able to stop your car, however, can be fatal. Regular brake maintenance is just as important as a regular oil change. Due to the way brakes work, they will inevitably wear out. If you catch it in time, then you should be able to get away with just replacing the brake pads. But if you let brake problems linger too long, then fixing those problems becomes much more expensive and you will find yourself unfortunately wondering how much new brakes cost.

    Brake Repair Cost

    It is very difficult to give an accurate estimate on brake repair cost without more specific information. The make and model of your car helps determine the cost of parts. Labor costs can be very different as well, as some models are easier to work on than others. Generally speaking, it will cost you from $100 to $300 per axle. Be careful of any advertised specials that seem much lower than this. Those specials usually only include an inspection and pad replacement. Any other work that needs to be done will be considerably more expensive.

    Brake Service Cost

    One way to keep your brakes in safe working condition is to have them professionally serviced. Firestone brake service cost includes the installation of new brake pads, resurfacing of the rotors, and inspection of the brake components. Cost for this basic service is about $60. Prices are similar at chains like Goodyear and Pep Boys. Having this service done every 10,000 to 12,000 miles will keep the other parts of your brake system in good working condition.

    Brake Replacement Cost

    You can avoid the need to replace your brakes by having them inspected regularly. The part of the brake that wears out first is the brake pad. Pads are supposed to wear out over time. They absorb the friction that it takes for the brake assembly to stop the wheels from turning. A full brake replacement will include the pads, rotors, calipers, and bearings. Hoses and clips might need to be replaced as well.

    Brake Pad Replacement Cost

    For all four wheels, replacing your brake pads will cost in the range of $200 to $600. However, this is often not necessary as usually only one pair goes out at a time. Many factors go into this cost analysis, not the least of which is the make and model of your car. An indication that your car needs new brake pads is a high pitch squeal whenever you press on the brake. If that sound has turned into a grinding noise, then you need to replace your pads immediately, as you are now doing damage to the rotors. Brake pad replacement is a relatively inexpensive repair compared to replacing the rotors.

    Brake Flush Cost

    Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years. Water contamination causes vapor pockets in the brake lines, which can cause brake failure. The cost of brake fluid flush is around $100. Brake fluid change cost is relatively standard, and can be done by most auto repair shops. Manufacturers’ recommendations for changing brake fluid range from 24 to 48 months. Some automakers no longer recommend changing brake fluid. They claim that the new fluids resist water contamination, as do the new rubber brake hoses. However, most mechanics will tell you that it is still a good idea to change your brake fluid every time you have your brake pads replaced.

    How Much Do Front Brakes Cost?

    Usually, front brakes cost the same as rear brakes. A good estimate for having a dealer do this work is around $180 for parts and labor. It is very important to have your brakes inspected and to replace the pads as needed or per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, you run a real risk of damaging the rotors and needing to replace them as well. This will raise your costs up to $100 per wheel. One way to save some money here is to buy the pads yourself from an auto parts store and then find a private mechanic who will install them for you.

    How Much Do Rear Brakes Cost?

    Rear brakes cost typically the same as front brakes. One difference can be if the brakes on one end of your car are more damaged than the other. Many choose to replace all four at the same time, regardless of the amount of damage, to ensure even stopping power on all four wheels. This is not always necessary. Manufacturers generally recommend replacing the brake pads after 60,000 miles. Timely replacement of brake pads can help you avoid more expensive replacement of the rotors and calipers later, and will keep your car in a safe working condition.

    Brake Master Cylinder Replacement Cost

    The master cylinder creates the hydraulic pressure necessary for activating the braking system and stopping the vehicle. Master cylinder failure can be detected when the brakes become soft, meaning you can press the pedal all the way to the floor without the car stopping properly. The cost of having the brake master cylinder replaced is around $300 to $500.

    Brakes And Rotors Cost

    The rotors stop the wheels from turning by pressing against the brake pad. When the pads start to wear, then the rotors can start to wear as well or develop hard spots. When the squealing that signals the need for replacing the pads grows louder, or turns into a grinding sound, then it is time to replace the rotors. Brake rotors cost from $35 to $75 each or more. Most auto parts stores only sell rotors in pairs, which will double the cost to $70 to $150. Replacing rotors can be done on your own. However, as the brakes are such an important safety feature, professional installation is recommended.

    Brake Calipers Cost

    When the brake pedal is depressed, the brake calipers use hydraulic pressure to squeeze the rotors and discs together to make the car stop. Occasionally, calipers will fail. Signs to look for that indicate brake caliper failure are when the car pulls to one side, brake fluid loss, or when the brake pads on one side wear out unevenly. Brake calipers cost from $60 to $200 depending on the make of your vehicle. Labor takes about an hour, and many repair shops charge up to $100 an hour for labor.

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