How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Dog?

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    Responsible pet owners know that there are more than enough dogs in the world. Unless you are planning to breed or show your dog, it should be neutered or spayed. This is also called “fixing.”  Depending on your location, the cost to neuter a dog will vary, but will usually range from $100 to $150 for a veterinarian procedure.  Fixing can prevent many issues and bad behaviors, so it is worth it to put forward the cost of neutering a dog.

    What Is The Average Cost To Neuter A Dog?

    If you have a trusted veterinarian, contact their office to find out how much they charge for this procedure.  Depending on your location, the dog’s age, and the tests needed, most veterinarians charge anywhere from $60 to $150 dollars.

    If your dog is over eight years old, the vet may recommend a wellness checkup to ensure the dog will not be harmed by the anesthesia.  If you do not have a preferred veterinarian yet, ask your friends and family who they use, and if they would recommend the same office.  You can also find reviews of veterinarians online to find the doctor that will work best for you.  By shopping around, you can find a low cost to neuter a dog.

    What Is The Best Age To Neuter A Dog?

    Although many veterinarians and animal experts have had different experiences and opinions, ask your trusted vet their opinion.  Most veterinarians will recommend that a dog be neutered by six months to avoid many male behaviors that neutering will treat.  This can include obesity, jumping fences, fighting,or running away.  It may also keep them from getting into the habit of marking their territory in the house.  Of course, you wouldn’t perform this procedure on a newborn puppy. However, the pup should be ready around eight weeks old.  The ASPCA states that neutering and spaying can occur at this point, and a smaller dog may lower the cost of neutering a dog.

    Should I Neuter My Dog?

    If you are intending to breed your dog or will be showing it in dog shows, neutering is obviously not an option.  There are many benefits to neutering your dog if you are not in those circumstances.  First, lower testosterone levels well actually make the dog healthier, as it is less likely to develop testicular or bone cancer.  Territorial behaviors will be lessened, such as marking, barking, and aggression towards humans and dogs to exhibit territorial dominance.  A neutered dog will also not wander as much as they will not be attracted to females in heat.  Pet thieves are also less likely to steal an animal that has been neutered as it cannot be used as a breeder.  There’s also one of the best reasons to neuter your dog, which is that it cannot produce offspring that will be added to the huge number of unwanted dogs in the world.

    Will Neutering A Dog Stop Aggression?

    Neutering a dog is likely to stop most aggressive actions as the testosterone levels will be lowered.  A dog that is territorial about his home or yard has a better chance of attacking other humans or dogs that enter its space.  The low testosterone levels will also lower his need to make a mark on your belongings and in your house to mark the territory as his own.  Although it is a common belief that neutering a male dog will cause it to be less playful, this is an incorrect statement.  Your neutered dog will be just as loving and playful after the procedure!

    All over the United States, there are millions of dogs in shelters that are just waiting to be adopted.  Unfortunately, not all shelters can be no-kill, and must euthanize many dogs every day that simply do not have a home.  Spaying or neutering your dog can help lower these numbers so there are fewer dogs running around the streets.  If you do not plan to breed or show him, the cost to neuter a dog will be well worth it in terms of your own dog’s behavior and for your own responsibility as a pet owner.  There are many organizations who are dedicated to making the world a better place for all animals.  There are many options that can lower the cost of fixing your animal, and you can find the best plan for you with just a little research!

    Are There Low Cost Spay And Neuter Programs For Dogs?

    Yes!  No matter where you live, you should be able to find low cost spay and neuter programs for dogs.  Organizations such as the ASPCA, or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, have websites where you can easily find low cost programs near your home.  You may also wish to check for spaying and neutering events offered by the Humane Society in your area.  These clinics and events may charge as little as $30 to have your dog fixed.  Other websites can find a spay or neuter resource for any country around the world.  Some will adjust the price depending on whether the dog is a pet or a feral animal, as spaying or neutering a feral animal can help reduce the number of dogs that are homeless.They will often reduce the cost of neutering a dog if they know it does not have a home.

    Is There Free Neutering For Dogs?

    If you live in the United States, there are programs that can provide free neutering for dogs.  These are often dependent on your income.  If you are retired or on any type of public assistance, you may be able to find a program that will offer free spaying and neutering for dogs and other animals.  Even if you cannot find a local program that will offer the services for free, you will most likely find some that offer them for a very low cost to neuter a dog.  If you decide to take advantage of one of these programs, be sure to ask if there are any other charges or fees.  Some will require that the animal has had a rabies vaccination before it can be brought to the fixing location, so this may be an additional cost for neutering a dog.

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