How Much Does Lawn Service Cost?

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    The average cost of lawn service varies greatly with many factors, not the least of which is the size of the lawn. Lawn service prices are also determined by the actual number of services that are requested. There is much more to basic lawn service than just mowing the grass. Most lawn service prices will also take into account edging and shrub trimming. The way your yard looks adds real value to your home. It also helps to beautify the neighborhood. You might find that hiring a lawn service will cause your neighbors to follow suit.

    Lawn Maintenance Cost

    Lawn service prices are mostly influenced by the size and the condition of the lawn. Basic lawn maintenance only starts with mowing the grass. Edging, hedge and bush trimming, weeding, limb cutting, and flower maintenance might all be included depending on what kind of landscaping you might have. Lawn mowing prices, as well as prices for other lawn maintenance, can be greatly affected by your region’s climate. Areas with longer growing seasons require more weekly maintenance. Lawns in less hospitable climates, however, should have year-long maintenance as well. Treating and maintaining your lawn during the winter months can allow it to rejuvenate faster and healthier in the spring. Some businesses offer annual deals on lawn service prices. This guarantees them work and income during the much slower winter months. Winter maintenance can have a dramatically positive influence on the appearance of your lawn and should be highly considered.

    Gardening Services Prices

    Landscaping that includes gardens such as flower beds and vegetable gardens can require specialized services that are different from typical lawn service prices. Usual gardening services include weed control and maintenance. Manual and chemical weed maintenance for flower beds can cost $25 a week depending on the number and size of the flower beds as well as the varieties of plants involved. Plants that naturally occur in your region of the country are much easier to grow and maintain. Ornamental trees and shrubs require expert care, and lawn service cost in this case will be more than the average. Lawn service prices for yards with gardens will always be a higher than the average cost of lawn service in the area. However, ornamental landscaping adds beauty and value to your home, and is well worth the cost of maintenance if you do not have the time to do the work yourself.

    Lawn Mowing Service Prices

    The average cost of lawn mowing service is always dependent on the size of the lawn. Some yards are built on steep or unusual angles, and can include tricky terrain that can drive up the lawn mowing prices. The cost of lawn mowing service for the average residential home is $30. This can be a weekly cost during warmer seasons, and homeowners in climates with long growing seasons can see their lawn service prices add up week to week. Often, you can find relief by signing up for monthly or yearly service, with a flat rate each month paying for whatever maintenance happens to be necessary at the time. Lawn mowing prices should also include edging maintenance and the disposal of grass clippings, unless you choose to use the grass clippings as a natural fertilizer. A typical lawn mower costs about $500, and can pay for itself in one growing season in some parts of the country. However, lawn service prices take into account the convenience factor for people who do not have the time to do the work themselves.

    Commercial Lawn Service

    For the best lawn mowing prices and value, commercial lawn services might be the way to go. Because of the size and volume of the business, they can charge less. They also sometimes give discounts for referrals to help them grow their business. An obvious benefit to hiring a commercial service is that they will be capable of providing any of the services discussed here at any time.

    Lawn Clean Up Services

    The lawn mowing prices you pay should include basic cleanup. The service should leave your yard looking better than it did when they arrived, not worse. Removal of lawn debris should be standard. However, storms can wreak havoc on landscaping, and particularly violent storms can leave enough of a mess that you need to hire clean-up service. Large tree limbs and branches can be blown down onto your yard during a tornado or hurricane. Some services will build in a one-time clean up into an annual service contract, as it is rare for an area to be affected more than once a year by a truly serious weather event that can cause significant damage to your yard and landscaping. The fall season also presents unique clean up opportunities. Depending on the amount of trees in your yard, your lawn can be covered in dead leaves in a day or two. If not removed, these leaves can stunt the growth of your grass, and encourage fungus growth and pest infestation.

    Lawn Aeration Services

    Lawn maintenance during the colder months can result in a fuller and greener lawn in the spring. Lawn aeration should be done every fall and then again in the spring. This process pulls small plugs of soil and thatch out of the ground, allowing for water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Lawn aeration is not a standard service, and only needs to be done once or twice a year. It is not usually part of regular lawn service prices. Lawn aeration can cost as little as $50 for a smaller yard. Aerating a larger yard can run as much as $125. Fertilizing and seeding is usually included in the aeration lawn service cost.

    Lawn Fertilizing Service

    Fertilizing the lawn is not included in weekly lawn mowing prices. You should fertilize your lawn a minimum of two times a year to keep it looking its best. Some experts recommend applying fertilizer four to five times every year. Lawn fertilizing is a fairly easy do it yourself task. All you need is a spreader and some fertilizer. Push spreaders cost from $20 to $50, and a 50 pound bag of fertilizer will cost you about $50. Lawn service prices for fertilizing are about $20 an hour, plus the cost of the fertilizer.

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