How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

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    There are several different types of liposuction available today. They range in price from $1500-$10,000. Liposuction surgery cost depends greatly on where the surgery is being done, the experience of the plastic surgeon doing the procedure, how much fat is being removed and what part of the body that is being worked on. In addition, liposuction surgery costs also include non-surgical things such as pre-op lab tests, nurses, operating room rental, post-op garments and medications. Some areas of the body are far harder to work on than other parts are, and this is reflected in the costs. As liposuction is considered cosmetic surgery, it is generally not covered by insurance. Complications from liposuction and any prescription medications needed after the procedure are also generally not covered by insurance either. Those interested in getting liposuction done should shop around as different plastic surgeons charge different amounts. An experienced or famous plastic surgeon will cost considerably more than a plastic surgeon just starting out will.

    Average Cost of Liposuction

    According to, the average liposuction cost is around $5000; however, it can be as low as $1500 and as high as $10,000. Liposuction surgery costs are about 80% surgical fees and about 20% non-surgical fees. Generally the most expensive types of liposuction are water liposuction and Vaser liposuction; the average cost of water liposuction is around $8000 and the average cost of Vaser liposuction is around $7000. Low cost liposuction types are Tumescent, Smart, body jet, and laser, with an average cost of around $5000. Ultrasonic liposuction has an average cost of around $6000.

    Tumescent Liposuction Cost

    With Tumescent Liposuction, the patient is injected with tumescent fluid in the area being worked on, and then the fat is sucked out. The cost of Tumescent liposuction ranges from $2000-$8000, with the average being around $5000.Tumescent liposuction costs are affected by many factors such as location, the plastic surgeon, the area being worked on, how much work is being done and what anesthesia is used.

    Smart Liposuction Cost

    Unlike traditional liposuction, Smart liposuction melts the fat away instead of sucking it out of the body. Smart liposuction uses a small 1mm ng:yag laser to melt the fat. Melting the fat is far less stressful on the body than sucking it out is, and Smart liposuction has the added bonus of tightening loose skin and coagulating the blood vessels.  It is especially good for the thighs, ankles, neck and knee area  Healing after Smart liposuction is far faster than healing after traditional liposuction is, making it a popular choice with many patients. The cost of Smart liposuction is around $4000 for the first area and around $2000 for all other areas. Overall, most patients typically pay around $8000 for Smart liposuction. Smart liposuction costs vary depending on the plastic surgeon’s experience, location, type of anesthesia used, and the amount of work that needs to be done.

    Laser Liposuction Cost

    Laser liposuction uses lasers to break up and melt the fat in the body making it easier to remove. There are two different types of laser liposuction, internal and external. With external liposuction a pad or pen is used on the outside of the patient’s body. With internal laser liposuction a small laser is inserted into the problem area. Laser liposuction also helps to firm up and tighten the skin so the patient is not left with sagging skin. Laser liposuction is usually used on the hips, arms,thighs, abdomen, neck and back. The cost of laser liposuction ranges from $2000-$10,000, with the average being around $5000. Laser liposuction costs vary depending on the amount of work done, the Doctor, location and the type of anesthesia used .

    Ultrasonic Liposuction Cost

    Ultrasonic liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to melt the fat so it can be quickly and easily sucked out of the body.  There are two types of ultrasonic liposuction, external and internal. Ultrasonic liposuction is very similar in price to traditional liposuction. The cost of ultrasonic liposuction ranges from $1500-$10,000 depending on how much work is being done, the Doctor, location, and the type of anesthesia used. The average cost of ultrasonic liposuction is around $6000.

    Water Liposuction Cost

    Water liposuction is one of the gentlest types of liposuction available. Water liposuction uses water to loosen and dislodge the fat, making it easier to remove. Unlike other forms of liposuction, the fat removed with water liposuction can be saved to help fatten other body parts such as breasts or face. Water liposuction is one of the more expensive types of liposuction available. The cost of water liposuction ranges from $7000-$10,000, with the average being around $8000. Water liposuction costs are affected by the amount of work being done, the plastic surgeon’s experience and the location.

    Vaser Liposuction Cost

    Vaser liposuction is is an excellent choice for those only needing limited work done. It is not as invasive as many of the other liposuction methods. With Vaser liposuction the body is filled with saline liquid and ultrasonic waves are used to break up and liquify the fat. The fat is then sucked out. The cost of Vaser liposuction ranges from $5000-$10,000, with the average being around $7000. Vaser liposuction costs vary depending on the amount of work that is being done, the Doctor and the location.

    Body Jet Liposuction Cost

    Body jet liposuction is one of the newest forms of liposuction available today. It is also called water-jet assisted liposuction. This type of liposuction using high pressure water streams to dislodge fat so it can be easily sucked out. Body jet liposuction is gentler on the body than many other types of liposuction are, and therefore patients recover from it quicker. The cost of body jet liposuction ranges from $3000-$7000, with the average cost being around $5000. Body jet liposuction costs are dependent on everything from how much work needs to be done, the patient’s location, the plastic surgeon’s experiential and what anesthesia used.


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