How Much Does A Door Cost?

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    The cost of a door can range from $150 to $800. Front doors are a statement piece for every home. The front door is the first impression that guests will have of the home, and this has the ability to set the guest’s opinion for the entire house. Doors can be painted in any color and have almost any window configuration that a homeowner can think of. The three different materials used to build exterior doors are wood, steel, and fiberglass. Interior door costs are more affordable, starting at $30 for a hollow core slab door to $65 for a pre-hung primed ready-to-paint door. The knobs and handles used as locking mechanisms for exterior doors should also be considered in the door cost. Most knobs are available in the price range of $40 to $50 for a single unit. A package kit that includes a knob and handle in multiple styles and finishes can be purchased for $120 to $200.

    How much a new door costs depends on the material and design. Wooden doors cost $170 to $190 when they are made of solid wood with the option of an inset window. Wooden doors can be stained or painted to match any exterior color. Steel doors cost $140 to $280, and they are made with an inner core of wood with a steel outer shell. Most either do not have a window or have a very small basic window available. Fiberglass doors cost $240 to $1,100 due to the material used to build the door, a wider selection of colors to choose from that eliminates the need to paint it again to match house colors, and window designs that can be done in any shape, size, outline, and tint that the homeowner wishes to have.

    Cost By Type Of Door

    Cabinet Door

    Replacing cabinet doors becomes necessary when they are damaged due to a multitude of reasons. The replacement cost for most cabinet doors is $50. Finding the perfect stain or color and matching the design of the current cabinet doors can be done through the home improvement store the cabinet was originally purchased from or the manufacturer. If a particular line has been discontinued in the time lapse since the cabinet purchase, then the entire cabinet will need to be replaced.

    Shower Door

    Shower doors cost $300 to $1,000, depending on dimensions and brand. The deciding factors in a shower door cost are the size needed to fit the shower correctly and the hardware it requires to be installed. Home improvement stores have most of the well-known brands of standard door sizes available in stock.

    Frameless Shower Door

    Frameless shower doors cost $900 to $1,300 due to the design and tempered glass used to create each door. Frameless doors are available in a different size range than the standard shower doors, so they can be used to fit a unique size of shower stalls.

    French Door

    French doors can add a charming yet practical entrance to patios and back yards. French doors cost $400 to $1,500. Most French doors have a basic design consisting of floor-length, inlayed windows encased by primed wood that is ready to paint or steel. Each has an insulated core to prevent the loss of energy. With the materials that are selected in constructing each door and the process used to make each one weather resistant, homeowners can have the aesthetic look of French doors that are easy to clean and maintain. Most home improvement stores offer door installation or a contractor can be hired to perform the installation for a fee.

    Fire Door

    Businesses are required to have a certain number of fire doors in their buildings. The doors cost $450 to $780 each. Doors can be right handed or left handed with the option of a knockdown frame or welded frame. The fire rating for doors bought at a chain hardware store is 90 minutes. The exterior frame can be treated to resist weather damage or painted to match building colors. Certain models offer the option of a small window, but not all do. A business owner can install his or her own fire door.

    Pocket Door

    Pocket doors cost $20 to $100. Pocket doors can be sliding or folding doors that separate rooms or open closets. Doors used to separate rooms can have windows to make the entry seem more open while providing a barrier. Common closet doors do not have windows, but they may have a slat design inside the panels. The paneling on pocket doors can be done in any design that a homeowner would like, or it could be done without paneling, slats, or windows. Compared to exterior doors, pocket doors are lightweight and very easy to install using the basic sliding bolts available from home improvement or hardware stores.

    Exterior Door

    Exterior doors can consist of entry doors, patio doors, screen doors, and security doors for a home. With the cost to replace a door ranging from $100 to $2,000, there are many options when it comes to what material, style, and design the homeowner would like to choose. Fiberglass is one of the more expensive materials offered in entry doors for a home. Patio doors cost $300 to $1,500, depending on if the material used is vinyl or wood with floor length windows or shades. Security doors cost $300 to $500 for a metal design in black or white. The bars on the doors come in different designs to make them look more aesthetic.

    All aspects of a new door should be considered, such as the replacement cost of the door, hardware, locking mechanism, and any treatments that will be applied to the door for painting or weather resistance and installation if a contractor is going to be hired.

    New Front Door

    The cost of a new front door depends on where the homeowner decides to purchase the door and what material they decide to use. Replacement costs can vary from $500 to over $1,500. Homeowners can decide what kind of windows they would like and the quantity, color, and the type and finish of the locking device that is going to be used to keep the door secure.

    Front Door Replacement

    Front door replacement cost is estimated at $800 for the new door and contractor installation. This number will be different for every homeowner because the variables involved in finding the exact cost is unique to every situation. The door replacement cost can be as low as $300 if a homeowner decides to do the installation or be priced at over a $1,000 if a custom door is chosen.

    Storm Door

    Storm doors cost from $100 to $400 for a door with a full window or split windows with a pet door. The majority of storm doors have a screen built in so at least one window can be moved for ventilation. All models have keyhole and deadbolt locks for security.

    Patio Door

    Patio doors can be a way to enjoy the backyard or landscaping from the inside of a home. With large windows and secure framing, the doors cost $200 to $1,200. Replacing a patio door involves purchasing a new door, hardware, and possibly molding or framework to secure the door. Patio doors are made to resist damage and decay from warping. A homeowner might want to add another treatment to the door or paint them a specific color to match the home. This will be an additional cost that will need to be considered.

    Sliding Glass Door

    Sliding glass doors cost $400 on average. The exact size of the door needed will determine the cost of a specific project. Sliding glass doors can be subject to various kinds of damage, so it is advantageous to a homeowner to know how to replace a sliding glass door to help keep the cost to a minimum. Sliding glass doors have a metal frame that is susceptible to bending out of shape and sticking in place, making it difficult to maneuver. This makes it necessary to replace the doors when they no longer function properly. Replacement doors cost $300 to $800.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Door Frame?

    The cost of replacing a door frame depends on the damage to the frame, if the molding around the frame needs to be replaced, and the cost of the replacement door and locking hardware. The average cost for a contractor to install a new door is $300 to $500 for labor if the homeowner provides the new door, hardware, and paint if it is necessary. The cost to replace a door can be as low as $300 or as high as $700, depending on the contractor’s labor fee and materials.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Door?

    A car door costs $200 for the panel; replacing a car door requires more than just the door panel. There are electric parts to the door and window that would also need to be replaced as well as the window itself. Car doors should be installed by professionals to ensure that the door is aligned and all of the parts involved work correctly. The total replacement door cost could be $3,000 after parts and labor.

    The replacement cost of a door involves the labor performed to remove the old door and install a new one, tools necessary to complete the project, and the materials used in the new door. New windows and motors are put in with new doors, so this should be included in the replacement cost, as well as the door panel, locks, speaker, and the controls for the side mirror. The total cost of the door replacement ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on what is necessary to complete the installation.

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