How Much Does It Cost To Microchip A Dog?

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    The cost of microchipping a dog varies depending on location and the veterinarian clinic. Dog microchipping costs range from $25-$75. The cost of dog microchipping is more expensive at a private veterinarian clinic than at an animal shelter, Humane Society or a non-profit veterinarian clinic. Dog microchip cost at a private veterinarian clinic is $50-$75, while dog microchip cost at an animal shelter or non-profit veterinarian clinic is usually $25-$40. The majority of dogs purchased from an animal shelter are sold microchipped and so are many purebred puppies. In some cases, a small registration or activation fee of $10-$25 will be charged to change the microchip into the new owner’s name. In some places, dog owners with microchipped dogs receive a discount off their annual dog licensing costs – over a few years this discount will easily cover the original cost of microchipping the dog.

    Microchip For Dogs Cost

    Microchips for dogs are relatively inexpensive; the average cost of microchipping a dog is $50. Microchips last for the entire life of the dog. Some animal shelters and non-profit veterinarian clinics offer discounts on dog microchips, offering them for $25-$30.

    The cost of microchipping a dog at a private veterinarian clinic is around $50-$75. Once the microchip is implanted in the dog, it will need to be registered with the appropriate microchip company. Some veterinaries include the registration cost in the price of the microchipping, some do not. Registration costs for dog microchips range from $10-$25. Most microchipping companies only charge a one-time registration fee, but a few companies charge a $10-$20 annual fee. Most microchipping companies charge a $5-$10 change of address fee.

    Dog Microchip Companies

    There are two major canine microchip companies in the United States: Avid and HomeAgain. The large majority of veterinarian clinics, animal shelters and rescues are able to scan both Avid and HomeAgain microchips. Most veterinarians in the United States carry either Avid or HomeAgain microchips. The cost of microchipping a dog with Avid is cheaper than the cost of microchipping a dog with HomeAgain. Avid dog microchip cost runs between $30 and $40, while HomeAgain dog mirochips cost around $45. Once the veterinarian implants the microchip, the microchip must be registered with either HomeAgain or Avid. Registering a dog’s microchip at Avid costs a onetime fee of $19.99. Registering a dog’s microchip with HomeAgain costs $16.99 annually for the entire life of the pet. Both companies may charge a $5-$10 fee for a change of address on the microchip.

    How To Find Your Lost Dog

    When a dog goes missing, it is extremely upsetting and scary for the family. The first thing dog owners should do is stay calm and search their entire house and backyard. It is important that dog owners keep their voice positive and happy when calling for the dog, so the dog wants to come when called; yelling for the dog in an angry voice will only make him not want to come. After searching the entire yard and house, owners should carefully start checking the immediate neighborhood. Most dogs are found within two miles of their house, so owners should check all the dog’s favorite places near the home. When out searching, carrying a bag of the dog’s favorite snacks or a favorite squeaky toy to help get the dogs attention can be a big help.

    Once the neighborhood search is exhausted, owners should call all the veterinarian clinics in their area and their local animal control to ensure the dog has not been dropped off by someone. Owners can also put a “lost” ad on the local classifieds website. If the dog is not found within a few hours, owners may want to make up some “lost” flyers to post throughout their neighborhood. “Lost” flyers are best made on brightly colored paper with large bold print. Offering a reward for the dog can help get him home safely; however, there are many unscrupulous people who will try to take advantage of a reward. The chances of a dog being returned safely home are significantly increased if the dog is wearing current identification tags and is microchipped. Lost dogs that are microchipped and dropped off at veterinarian clinics or animal shelters, or picked up by animal control can be returned home with just a quick scan of their microchip. Identification tags can work equally well; however, they can easily be lost or damaged, while a microchip never can – a microchip is always with the dog.

    Why Microchip Your Dog?

    Sadly each year in North American about a million dogs become lost; only about 15% of these lost dogs find their way home again. All dogs should wear current identification tags in case they get lost; however identification tags are not enough as they can easily fall off or become damaged to the point of being unreadable. To help ensure their dog makes it back to them if lost, the best thing dog owners can do is to microchip their dog. A microchip is a tiny chip that is inserted under the dog’s skin that contains all the dog owner’s contact information. When lost dogs are found, places like animal shelters and veterinarian offices scan the microchip and are able to immediately contact the dog’s owner. Microchipping significantly increases a dog’s chance of being returned home to its family. Microhipping has been proven to be so successful in identifying owners of dogs and it is becoming mandatory by law in many places.

    Puppy Microchip Cost

    As microchipping is an easy procedure and requires no anesthesia, the cost of microchipping a puppy is usually the same as the cost of microchipping an adult dog. However, some veterinarian clinics offer package deals to new puppy owners, where they can get their puppy vaccinated, spayed or neutered and microchipped for a discount price. Puppy package deals can save $20-$30 on the cost of microchipping a puppy. Many veterinarians also offers litter deals to breeders so they can get their entire litter of puppies vaccinated and microchipped for a discounted price. Some breeders sell their puppies already microchipped; owners may have to pay the cost of microchip activation which is usually $10-$25.

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