How Much Does It Cost To Spay A Cat?

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    If you are considering having your cat spayed there are many things to consider. After all, spaying is serious surgery for your cat to undergo. Consider it on the same level as invasive surgery in humans. The surgery will need to be completed by a licensed veterinarian in a clinical setting. There are many options for having your cat spayed. However, if you cannot afford the surgery there are alternative clinics and organizations that will help with the cost. Consider the following options when it is time to spay your cat.

    Average Cost To Spay A Cat

    When considering the average cost to spay a cat you must understand that the price can vary from area to area and vet to vet. The cost of spaying a cat will fluctuate according to these variables. In most cases the cost to spay a cat will vary from $100 to $200 dollars. In addition to the veterinarian’s cat spaying cost you will also have to pay for medications after the procedure is complete. These medications may range in price from $25-$50. The cost of spaying a cat will include the veterinarian’s fee, anesthesia, sutures, and surgical instruments. Keep in mind that if there are any complications you could end up paying a much larger fee for the procedure or for fixing anything that is wrong. Be prepared to pay more if something does go wrong as most vets will require any additional payments to be made the same day.

    Free Cat Spaying

    If you cannot afford the cost to spay a cat you may qualify for a discounted procedure or free procedure. There are many organizations that offer a free or discounted cat spaying prices during the month of February. These organizations base the cost of spaying a cat on your income. If you fall into a low-income bracket you will qualify for a certificate to get your cat spayed for a lower cost or for free. You can also visit Spay USA to find organizations in your local area that offer free operations year around. This organization will require you to complete an application for financial help with spaying your cat. If you qualify for help with the procedure the organization will provide you with a certificate you can take to a local vet for a percentage off the cost of spaying a cat.

    Can You Spay A Cat In Heat?

    The question of whether or not a cat can be spayed while it is in heat has long been asked. Several years ago most vets would have objected to spaying. However, opinions have changed throughout the years. While most vets prefer to spay cats while they are not in heat you can have it done. In most cases the cost to spay a cat in heat is more than the cost to spay a cat that is not in heat. When completing the procedure on a cat that is in heat there is more blood and this makes the procedure more complex. In most cases it is considered best to wait if you can.

    Can You Spay a Pregnant Cat?

    It is possible to spay a pregnant cat. However, many veterinarians classify this procedure as abortion and will not have any part of the procedure. Every vet has an opinion on this topic, and shelters all seem to take one side or the other across the board. In no kill shelters cats are never spayed during pregnancy. However, in kill shelters it is common for a cat to be spayed during pregnancy.

    As you can see the cost to spay a cat and the ethics behind it are very complex. Many people believe that every cat should be spayed or neutered as soon after birth as possible. Because the cat population is too large for the number of potential owners these people believe that cats should not be allowed to procreate. Many of these people believe that the cost of spaying a cat should be a normal part of owning a cat. However, many organizations understand that not everyone can afford the cost to spay a cat. Therefore, there are several options available if you need help with cat spaying cost.

    When To Spay A Cat

    When considering at what age to spay a cat you should know that over the years the accepted age has changed. In years past veterinarians were taught that you had to wait until the cat was a year old before it could be spayed. However, the rules for when to spay a cat changed to the age of six months later on. Now it is common knowledge that it is okay to spay a cat at the age of two months. In fact, it is now known that kittens actually recover from the surgery faster than fully-grown cats in most cases. Cats can become pregnant as soon as four months of age therefore it is imperative to spay the kitten as soon as possible.

    How To Spay A Cat

    Spaying a cat is a serious medical procedure. It carries the same risks that are found when a woman has a hysterectomy. There can be serious complications so a licensed veterinarian should always complete the procedure.  First the cat’s stomach will be shaved to prepare for the surgery. Your cat will undergo anesthesia before the procedure can be completed. During the surgery the cat will be monitored to make sure it is handling the surgery okay. The surgeon will watch for any signs of a reaction to the anesthesia or complications. Your vet will make a small incision into the cat’s stomach and then remove the uterus and ovaries. Then the vet closes the incision with stitches. In most cases, your cat will resume normal activity after just a few days but you may notice that the cat is not jumping or as agile as usual for up to a week.

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