How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

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    Landscaping prices vary greatly depending on many factors; the size of the yard, the amount of work required for both the yard and infrastructure like irrigation and lighting, the materials required for the hardscape like fencing and patio stones, the materials required for the softscape like scrubs and flowers, and any extras the homeowner may want put in like fountains, pools, ponds etc. Pricing is also affected by the homeowner’s location and if homeowners do the work themselves or hires a professional landscaper to do it for them.

    Landscape prices range from as little as $2000 to as high as $200,000. The cost of landscaping for a small lawn usually runs around $20,000-$40,000. The cost for a medium sized yard is usually around $40,000-$75,000. The cost for a large lawn is around $75,000-$150,000. Landscaping costs for extremely large lawns or for very elaborate landscaping can run as high as $200,000.

    Once homeowners have their yard landscaped, as they want, they will have to either maintain it themselves or pay a landscaper to do it. The cost for landscaping maintenance ranges from $100-$500 a month.

    Average Landscaping Costs

    Landscaping prices vary greatly depending on the size of yard and the extent of the landscaping that is done. The cost is also greatly affected by whether the homeowners do the work themselves or hire a professional landscaper to do it for them.  Landscaping cost ranges from $2000-$200,000; however, the average homeowner spends $5000-$30,000 to have their yard landscaped. The average homeowner that hires a landscaper to maintain their yard pays around $200 a month.

    Front Yard Landscaping Costs

    Front yard landscaping costs range from $200-$100,000; however, the average homeowner spends about $2000-$5000 on front yard landscaping. Some of the most common landscaping that homeowners have done on a front yard are getting their driveway repaved, a walkway put in or fixed up, having lights put in, and getting trees, flowers and shrubs put in. To have a driveway put in or fixed up costs from $.50 to $50 per square foot depending on the material used. Having a walkway put in costs $5-$30 per square foot depending on the material used. Having lighting installed in an average size front yard costs $1000-$3000, and having trees and shrubs planted usually costs around $3000 depending on what type of plants and trees are chosen.

    Backyard Landscaping Costs

    Backyards are larger than front yards so usually they cost considerably more to landscape than front yards do. Landscaping prices for backyards range from $500-$200,000 depending on the size of yard and what landscaping is done. Some of the most common landscaping done in backyards is having a pond, swimming pool, fire pit, patio or outdoor kitchen put in. Having a fire pit put in costs from $1000-$6000, ponds cost $8000-$15,000 depending on their size, having an outdoor kitchen put in costs $5000-$30,000 depending on how elaborate it is, and having a swimming pool put in costs from $2000-$100,000. Homeowners can save considerable money on their landscape design cost by doing some or all the work themselves.

    Commercial Landscaping

    Commercial landscaping cost is generally less expensive than residential landscaping cost when compared on a price per square foot level.  Generally, most landscapers give a discount on their prices for large projects like commercial landscaping. Maintenance for commercial landscaping usually costs less than the cost for residential properties when compared on a per foot level.

    Landscaping Software

    Landscape design costs can be significantly decreased if homeowners design their landscaping plan themselves instead of hiring a professional designer to do it. There are numerous software programs available for homeowners to use to design their own landscaping plan. Landscaping software ranges in price from free to $500. Homeowners can use one of the numerous free online garden planning programs or can invest in one of the more elaborate and detailed software to help them design their entire yard. Homeowners can buy landscaping software from Valusoft or Better Homes and Gardens. Better Homes and Gardens also offers free garden planning programs on their website.

    Landscaping Insurance Cost

    Most home insurance policies cover landscaping; however, coverage is often very limited. Most home insurance policies will only cover a very small amount of landscaping cost if fire, vandalism, weather and other things damage the landscape. Some insurance companies offer homeowners extra insurance for their landscape for an equable price.

    Landscape Grading Cost

    Land grading is done to level or shape a lawn; it is commonly done to shape a lawn so water runs away from the house. Land grading normally employs the use of heavy machinery so it is usually not something that homeowners can do themselves. However, homeowners that know what they are doing can rent the machinery needed and do the job themselves. Landscape grading costs range from $50-$1200 a day. Homeowners can rent the machinery needed to do the job for $50-$400 a day or they can hire a professional to do the job for $200-$1200 a day. Homeowners will need to get a permit from the city to have their yard graded, permits cost $50-$1000 depending on location and the size of the lawn.

    Landscape Curbing Cost

    Landscape curbing or landscape edging helps to give a home a more finished appearance and helps to increase the house’s value. Landscape curbing is available in concrete, asphalt, brick and vinyl: concrete is the most common type used, as it is the least expensive. Landscape curbing costs range from $5-$10 per linear foot, with installation. Homeowners can purchase pre-made curbing and do the job themselves for about 30% less than a landscaping company costs. Most landscaping companies can install curbing in just a few hours.

    Landscaping Materials

    There are numerous different types of landscaping material ranging from plants, shrubs and trees to stones, fountains, ponds and fencing. The cost of these materials varies greatly on the type and quality of the material used. Older trees and shrubs are far more expensive than young trees and shrubs; for the price of one mature tree, homeowners can purchase three young trees. The material needed to put up a wood privacy fence costs about $25-$30 per linear foot; homeowners can save considerable money by putting up a chain link fence instead of a privacy fence. The overall cost of landscaping is about 70% material and 30% labor, so homeowners can save themselves considerable money by doing the labor themselves.

    Landscaping Boulders Cost

    Landscaping boulders vary greatly in price depending on their size and what type they are. Sandstone boulders are generally the least expensive type of landscape boulders. Most landscape boulders cost $.05-$.15 a lb. Small boulders cost around $200 a piece, large boulders cost from $250-$400 a piece, and extremely large boulders range in price from $400 to a $1000. In addition to the cost of the boulder, there may be a delivery charge.

    How Much Does A Landscaper Cost?

    Landscaping companies vary greatly in price, some charge as low as $15 an hour, while others charge as much as $100 an hour. Landscapers can be hired to design the plans for the landscaping job and/or to do the landscaping work. Landscape design costs range from $300-$15,000 depending on how elaborate the design is and how experienced and upscale the designer is. The cost to have a landscaper do the landscaping ranges from $15-$100 an hour.  The cost of landscaping maintenance is $15-$100 an hour; the average homeowner spends about $200-$3000 a month on landscaping maintenance costs. Homeowners should contact several landscaping companies to ensure they get the best deal.

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