How Much Does Slab Leak Repair Cost?

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    What Is A Slab Leak?

    A slab leak is a leak that occurs underneath a concrete slab. Concrete slabs are typically under the foundation of a house, garage, or commercial building. These leaks can be very costly to repair and may cause mold or structural damage. A slab leak occurs as a result of a damaged pipeline. Both sewer and water pipes can cause a slab leak.  The damage may be small or large. Even a small pin hole in a pipe will eventually cause significant damage. There are many possible reasons for these leaks. Corrosion of the pipe could be caused by rust or by poor wrapping or soldering. Slab leaks are common in older residential or commercial locations. Over time, tap water can cause corrosion as well.

    Slab leak repair cost can run a home or building owner anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000. However, this amount only covers the cost for the repair itself. The initial slab leak cost is charged while detecting the location of the slab leak. The detection of the slab leak will cost anywhere from $100 to $1,200, depending on the ease of which the leak can be located. When special equipment must be used, or explorative measures must be taken, it will be more costly. Additionally, in locations such as commercial buildings, which are typically larger than most homes, the leak may be harder to find.  Slab leak detection for residential locations typically costs between $100 and $500, whereas slab leak detection for commercial locations typically costs between $500 and $1,200. This initial cost for the slab leak detection is added to the total slab leak repair cost. There are two different methods that are generally undertaken to repair a slab leak; the method used will also affect the cost.

    Slab Leak Cost

    A slab leak can end up being very costly depending on how late it is detected. A slab leak releases water underneath the foundation of your house, usually in the basement. A basement leak repair cost can be lowered by detecting the leak early. As soon as symptoms appear, it is important to have a slab leak detection company look for the leak. When a slab leak goes untreated, the water can cause damage to the foundation or even encourage mold growth. The longer this mold and damage continue, the worse the leak will be. The worse the slab leak is before it is repaired, the more costly it will be to fix. The slab leak cost will typically run as little as $1,300 or as much as $6,200.

    Basement Leak Repair Cost

    The two most common areas for slab leaks to occur are in basements and garages. Whether in a residential or commercial building, a basement slab leak can damage the foundation of the home or building. Slab leak repair companies repairing slab leaks often use one of two options. The first option is to repair or replace the piping. Once the slab leak has been located, measures can be taken to repair the leak. In some basements, however, it may be difficult to repair the slab leak. If the slab leak is hard to locate, or access, it can be more costly and difficult to repair the leak. It also may be inconvenient to repair the leak in areas that are constantly accessed by people. For example, in commercial buildings, employees may need to access the areas that are being repaired. In either of these scenarios, the slab leak repair company may choose to reroute the house’s piping system. They do this by adjusting the pipes to take the water through the roof of the house rather than through the basement. Both processes can be costly, but the first option usually costs less than the second. Sometimes, the initial basement leak repair cost of detection can be substantial.

    Slab Leak Insurance Coverage

    Some homeowner’s insurance plans will cover the partial or total amount of the slab leak repair cost. However, some insurance plans will only cover the cost in certain circumstances. To have a better idea of whether or not an insurance plan will cover any of the cost, the policy holder should contact his or her insurance company.

    Slab Leak Symptoms

    When dealing with a slab leak, the quicker it is repaired, the less costly the leak will be. There are several symptoms that may be present when a slab leak has occurred underneath a concrete slab. The most noticeable and obvious symptom is water leaking through the floor. When the slab leak is caused by a hot water pipe, the floor will feel warm to the touch. Other symptoms of a slab leak are noticeable in the structure of the house, such as warped wooden floors, cracks in the walls or flooring, or moisture on the walls or carpets. Finally, another symptom of a slab leak is an unusually high water bill.

    Slab Leak Detection

    To significantly lower slab leak repair costs, early detection of the leak is essential. To detect a slab leak, special equipment is used to listen for the water. This is especially effective when there is a large source of water coming from the pipe. All of the water is turned off in the house, and the sound of running water is followed. When pin holes are found in the copper piping, exploratory measures may have to be taken. This can be extremely costly. It requires locating the general area of the slab leak, which can generally be found by locating the central proximity of any apparent slab leak symptoms. Once this is located, a jackhammer is used to break apart the concrete slab of the basement or garage. The professional will try to follow the damp dirt to the source of the leak. Then, the laborers dig down until they find the pipe. The dirt is then brushed off. If the slab leak repair company has been successful, then they will be able to repair the leak.

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